Thursday, July 7, 2011

Please Don't Laugh At Me... For Posting About Easter In July!!!

I find it hard to imagine an Easter (or any holiday, for that matter!) when I don't have an adorable baby to pose and take cute pictures of. This one I took of my cute Brookie bunny has got to be my favorite EVER!

All three of my girls getting ready for the Easter Egg hunt. . .

It's a good thing we went to an Easter Egg hunt the day before Easter, because Easter Sunday was rainy and cold in Seattle! But the day before was absolutely beautiful! It was Natalie's first Easter Egg hunt and boy, did she have fun huntin' down those eggs...

But not quite as much fun as eating all the sugar! Chocolate eggs!!! Kirsten and Natalie were both on a sugar frenzy, and really who can blame them?

I just love that messy, chocolate-stained face!

The next morning...

Look what the Easter bunny brought us!

Our very own baby in a basket! SCORE!!!

{Okay, this might tie with my other favorite Easter picture of Brooke. I never had a baby small enough to fit in an Easter basket before, since the other two girls were close to a year old on their first Easters. I took full advantage!}

Here's what the Easter bunny really brought...

Kirsten immediately picked out what I knew she'd love most. . . strange, squishy, ball-shaped chicks that I found in the dollar section at Michael's. Or the Easter bunny found, I mean. Kirsten loves anything squishy.

Natalie loved the candy (surprise!) and the cute board books about Thumper and his sisters. And for my own basket (that I bought and filled)... a whole box of See's, all to myself! Happy Easter to mommy!

Everyone was happy with their Easter gifts!

Here is my attempt at a nice Easter photo of all the girls together in their Easter dresses that Grandma made for them:
Massively unsuccessful. ;)

At least Easter dinner was a huge success! I made the very best batch of orange rolls I've ever made before! I was just a little proud of them.

We also had honey-baked ham (of course!), four cheese potatoes au gratin, corn on the cob, and pistachio pudding salad!

Happy Easter!
{And just for the record, I promise to actually post my 4'th of July photos in July}


  1. Ha Ha ...Oh wait, you said NOT to laugh :) Easter in July - that's what 3 kids will do to you. I love the unsuccessful Easter picture - we have one of Halloween that is similar. Got to love it!! Can't wait to see Kirsten next week!

  2. Easter Shmeaster---I just can't get over how hot you look in that cute outfit! WOOHOO girl!!! Okay, truly though, your kids are darling too, what a fun day you had. :)

  3. I love that you're posting about Easter in July! And your orange rolls look absolutely delicious! Grandma is sure talented, too!


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