Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fun Finds: Beaba Bib'expresso Bottle Warmer!

I've been reviewing the brand new Beaba Bib'expresso Bottle Warmer for a few months now. I have decided this amazing contraption is the Rolls Royce of bottle warmers. Seriously. It puts my old bottle warmer to shame. This one blows it out of the park!

Here are the many reasons why this appliance rocks my world:

*It really does warm up any size bottle in 30 seconds or less. It is FAST!
*All of the water stays contained inside a closed compartment while it heats up. Then you press a lever and it dispenses straight into the bottle. No water everywhere, no steam rising up and burning your hand (my old bottle warmer did that), no guess-work about how much water you need to use and whether or not the bottle will be too hot!!! Genius!!!
*You can prepare a bottle one-handed, while holding your baby who doesn't understand why they have to wait for their food.
*Thanks to direct water control, the water is always the perfect temperature. It simplifies the process of bottle preparation with a patented, unique water flow system that reduces air bubbles and eliminates hot spots when mixing powdered formula. I've never once had it be too hot or too cold. It's also BPA-free, so everything about this bottle warmer is safe.
*It has a built-in self-cleaning steam system that cleans the inside of it, where the water goes. You never even have to wash it!
*It actually looks NICE on my counter! Slim, modern, not just like another piece of baby equipment. Bonus points for style!
*It includes a microwaveable sterilizer/bottle compartment that can store up to three bottles and keep them away from dust.
*After your baby grows up, you can use it to prepare water for tea or hot cocoa. Nice!!!

It's amazing how much easier my life has become, just from switching from my old bottle warmer to the Beaba Bib'expresso. I love it, and I'm so lucky that I got to test out this awesome new product!

You can watch a demo of the bottle warmer in action here and buy it on Amazon here!

My disclaimer: Thank you to Beaba for providing me with a Beaba Bib'expresso to review free of charge! While this was provided for me to review, the opinions I've expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint. Beaba, Clever Girls Collective, and I promote Blog With Integrity.


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