Wednesday, July 20, 2011


If you know anyone who lives in the Seattle area, chances are good you've heard a lot of complaining lately about our un-summer. (And yes, I'm guilty of it too. Today didn't get above the 50's. In July!!!) But if there's one thing Seattle got 100% right this summer, it was our 4'th of July weekend. Perfect. Amazing. Beautiful.

4'th of July itself was SO beautiful we took the ferry from Edmonds over to Kingston.
{Yep, that's from my camera! Took it of the passing ferry going the opposite direction!}

It was Natalie and Brooke's first ferry ride! They loved it!
{Kirsten had her own 4'th of July in California with grandma and grandpa}

Mount Rainier was out in all its stunning glory!!!
{This photo doesn't even look real, it's so pretty! But it's real!}

Pulling into Kingston. . .

Kingston is the perfect little half-day trip from my house!
We ate crepes outside from a cute little crepe place, got some ice cream, and watched the Kingston 4'th of July parade!

{Yep, this is all right by where I live! Seattle's pretty underrated, isn't it? I certainly think so!}

It REALLY was a grand and glorious 4'th!!! I couldn't have asked for better!
We spent the evening at a BBQ with friends, good food, and tons of fireworks!

It's pretty new to me, shooting off fireworks right there next to all the houses, since I grew up in California where that's illegal. Our friends had HUGE fireworks that shot up right over us and around us! Pretty amazing! Natalie had been talking about fireworks for several days and was really excited, but I thought she might be scared to be so close to them. Nope. . . she LOVED them!

"Fireworks!!!!" One of her new favorite words :)

It was a perfect night! Brooke the happiest baby fell asleep inside our friends' house, and Natalie stayed up and watched fireworks to her heart's content! It seems that Natalie's a night owl who doesn't want to miss any fun or excitement. . . a little bit like someone I know. ;)
And she's been asking for more fireworks ever since that night.
Happy 4'th indeed!!!


  1. I totally agree with you that this area is underrated and yes we've had quite the un-summer this summer. I live in the South Sound and am waiting patiently, ok maybe not patiently, but I am waiting for the sun to make an appearance after that fantastic 4th of July weekend. It was perfectly awesome.

  2. I am glad you all had a nice 4th of July! I bet Kirsten enjoyed her special time with Grandma and Grandpa. I can't believe how fast Brooke is growing. I love how happy she is!

  3. Such great pictures! And Kirsten with that watermelon, so cute!

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