Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun Finds. . . Boumy Baby Shoes!

Wow. . . baby shoes that actually stay ON my 8 month-old baby's feet!!!

Boumy baby shoes are super cute shoes made of 100% soft leather. I'm thrilled with them because they come in several bright, fun designs and colors. And the elastic around the ankle makes them very secure! My baby kicks her legs all the time, and most shoes fly right off her feet in a matter of minutes. Boumy shoes stay on!

I also love the softness of these shoes! The bottoms are roughened so they'll get a good grip on the floor, making them a good flexible, soft-soled option for new walkers. Their new collection has a bunch of fun designs for boys and girls, sized for ages 0-2 years.

Deal Alert: Get 20% off your total purchase from Boumy Shoes! Use this coupon code: MAB072011. (This code expires July 31, 2011, and can be used once per customer).
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My disclosure: I received a pair of Boumy shoes at no charge to provide my thoughts in this review. All opinions are my own!

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