Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy 9 Months, Baby!

I can't believe that 9 months ago I was having a baby! And now I can't imagine life without sweet little Brooke. It's making me a little sad that she's 9 months old today and has now been out in this world longer than she was in me.

I don't know her 9 month stats from the doctor yet, but here are a few details about Brooke at 9 months old:

*As everyone who knows her will tell you, Brooke is such a happy, easygoing sweetheart ALL the time! We definitely needed her personality in our family!

These photos are all from her 7 month photo shoot at Picture People. I apologize for the quality, since we received the prints and had to scan them into the computer. The colors are not nearly as good when they're scanned. And my favorite photo from the shoot, the one that we framed and put on the fireplace mantle, is too large to scan. So I can't even show the blog world my favorite photo!!! Guess these other cute ones will have to suffice...

*She's not quite crawling yet, but oh so close!
She loves to be down on the floor exploring everything and finding new toys. She gets up on her hands and knees, rocks back and forth on them, scoots and rolls around the room, and wants so badly to crawl! Soon!

*I don't know her weight or length, but she still fits into size 2 diapers! However, she's long just like all my kids are, so she outgrows her clothes in length pretty quickly. She wears 6-12 month clothes still for now.

*One of her favorite new tricks is shaking her head. She'll shake her head really hard so her hair flips all over her face, and then laugh. She thinks it's the funniest thing ever, and so do her sisters!

*She really likes to connect with people. She makes great eye contact with everyone, and she loves it when people smile and interact with her. She's never had stranger anxiety yet and is happy with anybody holding her and playing with her. (Hoping that continues!)

*She loves car rides! She's usually very quiet in the car and likes to look out the windows. I'll be sad when she outgrows her infant seat, because she actually enjoys being in it.

*She also loves bath time, and she kicks and splashes violently in her little tub and completely soaks the bathroom floor and whoever is bathing her!

*Brooke sleeps from about 7:30 or 8 pm straight through the night until 8 or 9 the next morning! Maybe because of all that good nighttime sleep she's getting, she is already only taking one nap per day. She started doing that at 8 months old, which seems really young to me. But it works out well, because she often naps at the same time as Natalie and will take a long 2-3 hour nap and then be pretty happy the rest of the afternoon until bedtime. So it's young to be down to one nap, but it works for us!

*She's a good little eater! She still eats only baby food, but she seems to like all varieties we've given her except for one. . . peas. None of my babies have ever liked peas! They eat green beans though.

*She's such a sweet and wonderful baby! It makes me really sad to think of a day in the future when I won't have a baby Brooke to smile at me and laugh. I would just love to freeze her at this age forever if I could! No growing up!!!


  1. She is so adorable! Happy 9 month b-day Brooke!

  2. OMG!! How CUTE is she!!!! I LOVE these pics and those flower head bands are just PERFECT!!! LOVE THEM!!

  3. She is so precious! Happy 9 months Brooke!!!

  4. Looks like you had no trouble getting her to smile for the camera!

  5. She growing so fast! Happy 9 months!

  6. Happy 9-Months Brooke! You're absolutely adorable!


  7. These pictures are just adorable!!! And her wide open smile, it just seems she should have a mouth full of teeth! What a cutie!

  8. My baby is older than that, and I can't believe all the beautiful hair yours has! What a doll!

  9. she is adorable! i can't believe how long her hair is! happy 9 months to your baby girl! :)

  10. She's so cute, I love the flower she's wearing! Happy 9 months!

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