Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fabulous Finds. . . Storkie Cards!

It's July and that means. . . Christmas cravings!!!
I always get Christmas cravings around this time of year. I really enjoy summer, but in July for some reason I start wistfully thinking of Christmas cookies, decorating trees, the music, the snow falling, and all the wonderful things I love so much about the holiday season.

One of these years I vow to actually get my Christmas cards ordered early! As in really early, like September, so that all I'll have to do in December is mail them out. I'm curious. . . what do all my readers do with old Christmas cards? Do you get rid of them or save them? Do you ever display them when they're a year old or longer? So far I save most of them in my closet in a drawer, wondering what to do with them. Here's one of my favorite ideas I've heard, and would love to do someday:

Get a sheet of glass cut to fit over the top of your kitchen table or dining room table. Drape a red tablecloth over your table, and then arrange all your favorite old Christmas cards over the table. Then cover it all with the sheet of glass, and voila! A great conversation starter as well as a fun way to display cards and relive memories. For the rest of the year, you could display old vacation photos that way, or any photos you're just dying to display!

I'm already on the hunt for some stylish Christmas cards this year. . .

I just discovered all the different types of cards from Storkie, and am seriously impressed by the unique and beautiful designs! Just check out the gorgeousness:

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