Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fun Finds. . . BARE Bottles!

As a bottle-feeding mom, I'm always on the lookout for new advancements in bottle technology. I also love supporting companies and products that are made by other moms. With BARE Bottles, I found both at once! I'm intrigued by the concept of this bottle. It was designed by a mom who was looking for a good solution to some feeding problems her own baby was having.

Some of the coolest features of this brand new bottle concept are:

*A patented air-plug ensures 100% air-free feeding every time!
*Vents allow an air stream into the bottle to stop nipple collapsing. This reduces gas and colic that come from air ingestion.
*BARE is designed to mimic all the aspects of breastfeeding. From the way the nipples extend inside the baby's mouth to the way milk is dispensed only by suction and a natural flow that's controlled by the baby's suction strength, BARE is designed to be very close to breastfeeding.
*These bottles are perfect if you're planning to feed your baby with a combination of breast and bottle, since the nipple tip extends up to two times on suckling, just like the breast. It avoids nipple confusion and promotes a proper latch technique.
*The bottle is easy to put together and take apart, and snaps together with just two pieces.
*BARE is the most effective bottle at preventing bacteria. The air-plug maintains an air-tight, air-free movement. This minimizes back wash and spit into the bottle and keeps milk fresh longer.
*BARE is made in the USA and is BPA, PVC, lead, and pthalate-free. The bottles are made of the safest materials available.
*Promotes self-feeding by allowing baby to drink from any position.

BARE will be available on store shelves in January 2012. Because the development and production of BARE is being funded by the mom inventor, we hope moms will visit the BARE project page. Here, moms can support the project and be the first to receive these new, revolutionary bottles. This project sounds so great and it allows us to support other moms. Anything contributed will help this project!

My disclaimer: I did not receive these bottles to review, but I did receive compensation for my time in posting about this project. I only post about projects that I support and believe in.


  1. I really really like this bottle too and wish it had been out when I was trying to switch my son to the bottle. It would have been so much easier! I wish I had the kind of money it would take to get the pledge fund up where it needs to be. I just learned about it but I am planning to make a blog post about this bottle soon.

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