Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pumpkins In the Patch!

Don't you just love pictures of little kids in the middle of fields full of pumpkins? It's one of my favorite photo opps of the entire year! My favorite from this year is this one of Natalie, looking so happy in the pumpkins!
A few weeks ago we took a weekend road trip through the North Cascades National Park (I'll do a separate post about most of that trip later!), and on our way there we stopped at Cascadian Farm for their family harvest festival.

It was an absolutely beautiful, sunny fall day and the farm was in such a gorgeous setting too!

The kids made a beeline straight for the pumpkin patch, of course. It was really fun to watch Natalie walk around the pumpkins and get excited about them. Last year she was just a 6 month-old baby, but this year she had a lot of fun with the pumpkins!

Kirsten decided she wanted to find the perfect "tiny pumpkin", so she set out to look for it.

We ended up getting them each their own mini pumpkin. We figured out that the pumpkins had to look identical to each other (exact same size and color) or they would fight over them. They had such a blast playing with the mini pumpkins!

I like how it looks like Natalie's trying to eat it. She does eat pretty much everything!

We got some yummy homemade organic ice cream, and of course it was a huge hit!

The giant Natalie smile!

As part of their harvest tour, they were offering free farm tours on their tractors. So we got to ride around the farm!

Can't fall last all year long??? There's so many reasons to love it!


  1. What a fun day! Those pictures are so adorable, especially that first one. That should be on some sort of Fall catalog!

  2. I am from Half Moon Bay, which is the pumpkin patch capitol of California :) We have a pumpkin festival and a million pumpkin's amazing. My favorite holiday for sure!!! Your house looks amazing. Good job!!!

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  3. I love their halloween clothes!!! Such cute, precious pictures!

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