Friday, November 12, 2010

Brooke's Baby Shower!

I just realized I never posted anything about Brooke's baby shower! A couple of weeks ago, my awesome friend Rozemary threw me a baby shower at her house. I decided the theme should be a "Warm and Fuzzy" shower, since I didn't need much for another baby girl except for warm, fuzzy clothes for a winter weather baby! All of my newborn stuff I already had was short-sleeved and light, for spring and summer babies. It was a really fun shower!

Check out the beautiful cake my friends Carolyn and Rozemary made for me. It's by far the most creative and cool cake I've ever had! They're so talented!

I just love the sleeping baby in the pumpkin patch! And nobody had any idea that I would actually be wearing my pumpkin costume when the labor pains started. How funny is that!!!

I got some super cute stuff and had a fun time with friends!

Everyone loved the blanket my mom made for Brooke!
It's so nice to feel so loved!


  1. Glad you loved the cake and had a good time at the shower!! You are very loved! The baby and pumpkins are proof of how much I love you! he he he! :)

  2. That is a very cool cake and a funny coincidence about your costume! What a great story! You look so pretty in these pictures :)

  3. That is a beautiful blanket! What a fun shower. You are a lucky mom to have three lovely little darlings now!

  4. Okay, that cake is fantastic!!! Are those decoration edible? Like out of fondant!? SO cool! What a fun shower!

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