Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Traditions!

I love to decorate for the holidays! LOVE it. Every year, I have the best time going all out for Christmas and all out for Halloween. Here's a little peek into our Halloween home:
I am definitely into CUTE Halloween decorations, not scary ones!

I adore my glorious fall bouquet from Pier 1. I got that new this year!

The one Halloween craft I was motivated enough to make this month:

Our house comes complete with Halloween cats! We have an orange cat, a black and white cat, and this all-black true Halloween cat with orange eyes. :)

Pretty much my favorite thing. . . the Halloween tree I bought from Pottery Barn the year I got married!

I love to set the scene with candlelight!
Halloween was a little different at our house this year, thanks to my Halloween baby. :) Since I knew I'd very likely be in the hospital on Halloween, I decided I'd make our traditional Halloween dinner one week early. Every year of my whole life, my mom would make Witches Brew and homemade cornbread. I continued the tradition even when I was in college, and invited a bunch of friends over each year for Halloween dinner. The Witches Brew and cornbread tasted delicious, and it was awesome to have them twice this year. . . a week before Halloween and on Halloween too!

Stephen came home with a surprise that night to make our Halloween dinner even spookier than usual. . . dry ice to put in root beer! We didn't make our own root beer, but we added it to regular root beer and it was awesome! (Note to self and all those who also don't know this: never reach into the bag and touch dry ice with your hands. Yeowch!)

The kids LOVED the dinner! This wasn't surprising for Natalie who loves most things, but if I can get Kirsten to love something it's a major success! Their favorite part was the hot dogs in the soup, and Natalie even said "Hot dog" for the first time ever!

"Hot dog!"

What really stole the show for Kirsten was the dry ice in the root beer! She kept asking for more of "the drink that steams."
Such a great reaction!
Gosh, I love Halloween! I'm always a little sad when it's over, but at least it's the beginning of my very favorite time of year. . . the entire holiday season!!!


  1. I'm so glad you got pics of your decor -- you have some of the BEST Halloween decorations! Would you be willing to share your Witches Brew recipe? It sounds like a fun tradition!

  2. I love the Halloween Dinner idea! I want to use it already...I can't wait for another Halloween!


  3. AWESOME decorations!!! I totally want to know WHERE you got the tree tabletop candle holder??? Or is it a trade secret? :)


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