Sunday, November 7, 2010

Home From the Hospital

We brought Brooke home from the hospital almost exactly 24 hours after she was born. It was my shortest hospital stay I've had yet, and it was SO nice to be home with my girls, my own bed, and a place where I could actually get some sleep! We got home by 6 pm on the 30'th, just in time for Stephen and my Dad to take Kirsten and Natalie to the trunk-or-treat party at our church. Kirsten was really excited to see me. Maybe I'm biased, but have you EVER seen a cuter little witch???

Natalie also looked adorable in her Strawberry Fairy costume. I need to get some better pictures of the kids in their costumes soon. They were such cute costumes, and these nighttime pictures with the flash just don't do them any justice. But here they are at the trunk-or-treat party. Kirsten got tons of candy and she wanted to eat it all!

I didn't introduce them to Brooke until after they got home, so Kirsten came running up to me talking about all her candy, until she saw me holding Brooke and said, "Oh! You have the new baby!" She was really sweet, wanting to touch Brooke's hair, and she even brought over a few toys to share with her.

I couldn't even get any pictures of Natalie by Brooke, because Natalie was SO excited she was just all over her! She loves babies, and she just kept laughing and giving her hugs and getting right up in her face. It's pretty cute!

Here are the two trick-or-treaters with their candy stash:

And the dreaded three year-old grumpy face (the one we see all too frequently these days):

I love how it looks like Brooke is smiling up at Natalie in this picture! When Natalie was a baby, Kirsten didn't like her at all and wouldn't even touch her. Natalie is such a different big sister! She literally smothers Brooke with love and excitement, and we can't even put her in the bouncy seat unless we're right there with her or Natalie's asleep, because Natalie thinks it's hilarious to bounce her way too hard. I'll have to keep a close watch on her at all times, but I love how much Natalie loves her baby sister, and I hope it continues!
It was such a great day, getting to come home from the hospital and introduce Brooke to her sisters!


  1. Brooke is very cute. She looks like kind of like Kirsten did.

    You look amazing by the way!

  2. Oh my goodness, their costumes are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! Especially that Natalie's strawberry one! Those tights are darling!

  3. Awe so sweet! I love new babies and your other children are just adorable! You are going to be one busy mama! Congrats!

    I have three children too, but I spread mine out. It was not on purpose but I have a daughter who is 20 in college in Maine, a son he is 18 and in his senior year of high school and I have a preschool age son also who is my little surprise blessing.

    I just know you will enjoy every moment of joy your children bring.

    Oh I am a new follower found you through The Product Review Place, follow me, follow you! All of your beautiful babies got me side tracked!

  4. I can't wait to hold that cute little one at Christmas!! I can;t believe that top picture is of you 24 hours after giving birth!!! You look amazing!! No fair! :)

  5. First of all the girls' costumes are adorable. I especially love that strawberry princess one - too fun! Secondly, I can't believe how much Kirsten and Natalie are starting to look alike - in the beginning I didn't think they would. Finally, Brooke is seriously adorable. Good luck with three gorgeous girls on your hands!

  6. Love this post - what a sweet picture of Brooke and Natalie! So happy for your family, and I just love your girls thick hair! Couldn't be cuter! :)

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