Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
Are you all ready to kiss 2008 goodbye and welcome 2009? I am! Even though it's been mostly a great year for us! 2008 has been jam-packed full of fun, and here are some of the highlights and best moments from our year:

January was a sad month for us, because Stephen's mom passed away from cancer. We miss her so much. I love this picture of her with Stephen as a baby.
Our cute little Valentine's baby! Kirsten used to be so good at posing for the camera. Now we can't get her to sit still long enough!

I also took Kirsten to the Seattle Aquarium that month. . .

And she started crawling! Sometimes I miss that cute little crawler!

In March we celebrated Kirsten's first Easter! She was such an adorable bunny!

April was a great month to go to the beach!

Kirsten turned one year old!

We also went on a road trip to Portland for Memorial Day weekend. We saw beautiful Multnomah Falls. . .

And we also stopped by Seaside, Oregon!

Another month of seeing new places, one of my very favorite things to do! My cousin Jessica and my friend Carrie came to visit, and we took an unforgettable trip to the Olympic Peninsula.
We saw Cape Flattery. . .

We hiked around with Kirsten in the baby backpack. . .

Saw First Beach, La Push, and Ruby Beach. . .

And the Hoh Rainforest! I felt like I was in the Twilight books the whole time!

We got to see fireworks by the Space Needle!

And Kirsten had a fun 4'th of July too!

We took Kirsten to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, and had a fun day there! Also, Kirsten started getting really good at walking this month AND we found out I was pregnant with baby #2!

We visited my parents in San Diego for a couple weeks and spent three days at Disneyland!

We also went to the San Diego Zoo and Sea World! It was such a fun trip!

We enjoyed the gorgeous fall in Seattle and took Kirsten to the pumpkin patch!

And Kirsten was an adorable butterfly for Halloween.

We went on a short trip to Phoenix to join our extended family for Thanksgiving!

Of course, we got the big snow storms in Seattle and barely squeaked out of there to get to San Diego before the airport shut down for a few days.

Number of round-trip flights we took this year: 4!
Crazy year, huh?!! It's been full of all the things I love. . . family, friends, new experiences, and new adventures! I hope 2009 brings all those things too!


  1. I love your recap of the past year! you are so good. we will let you know about thursday. we are still at the hospital and not sure what is going to happen. but we should find out something soon!

  2. Me too! I love the pigtails flying in the beach picture, and you and the pumpkin patch. So pretty.

    Isn't it fun to think of next year's recap, with TWO cute little girls to take pictures of???

  3. Wow, what a year! Loved this post and the recap of your great year!
    Happy 2009!

  4. what a fun & busy year!!!!!! i hope 2009 brings much MORE fun & happy memories!!! especially since you will be having a NEW ADDITION to your family this year! :)

  5. Love all the pics! And now I want to visit Seattle and Portland. Were you looking for vampires & wolves while you were at La Push?

    Your little girl is adorable.

  6. Hello!
    Yes I agree what a wonderful year!
    Let's keep it coming for this next year 2009! Keep the awesome posts and gorgeous pictures up!
    Love always,

  7. cute recap!

    omg: the pic of k in the swing is to die for...her pigtails are ADORABLE!

    happy 09!

  8. I love going through memory lane!! 09 will be just as great! => XOXO

  9. Gret recap of your year.. sorry it started off sad. Enjoyed my visit here this morning.. so many wonderful photos.

    Cheers! and happy new year!

  10. I just saw that you won the giveaway on Trying to Stay calm. So did I! Congrats!

  11. I love your photo montage, great recap of the year! Congrats on baby #2, exciting times!


  12. What a cute post! I love this idea. I love all the pics!

  13. I really do love your pictures, they are so fun to look at and Kirsten is always so happy and smiling!


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