Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let It SNOW. . . and the Best of Christmases Past!!!

Baby it's cold outside! And I'm not kidding. . . with temperatures in the 20's and 30's, it hasn't been this cold in Seattle in December since the 1950's!

It snowed on Saturday night! Big, gorgeous flakes that turned the Seattle area into a snowy winter wonderland. The first snow of the winter! Typically, the snow in Seattle is all melted and gone by the next day. But it's been a few days now and the snow is still on the ground and the roads are still icy. It reminds me of Utah winters!
I haven't been able to get outside much to enjoy the snow. With the frigid temperatures and the cough that Kirsten is fighting, I haven't wanted to take her out in it. But this California girl loves the snow! This picture is from my freshman year in college. . . the first time it snowed when I was at BYU!

But I've got to say. . . I'll be glad to get away from these freezing temperatures. Good thing I'm heading to San Diego for Christmas vacation on Thursday! Perfect timing!

So, this year we discovered that Kirsten + Santa's lap = Crying.
Oh well. At least we got a really cute picture LAST year!
And what's better than one picture from Christmases past? More pictures, of course!!! Last year was Kirsten's first Christmas, she was 7 months old, and we got lots of cute pictures. Here are some of my other favorites:

Kirsten and my cousin Caleb, sporting Santa hats!

Kirsten in her Christmas tree costume!

Surrounded by presents on Christmas morning!

The Elf Baby!

Here's me and Stephen, celebrating Christmas in San Diego after we had just gotten engaged! This was in 2004.

Going back a little further. . . I was decorating "dorm-style" by putting up a string of colored lights in our Heritage Halls dorm at BYU.

And way back! I love this picture of my Dad helping me put the angel on top of our Christmas tree. I don't even know what year this was!

Cute little reindeer family! Me, my mom, and my brother Jakob.

I'm glad my tree-decorating skills have improved since then!

My fashion sense, however, is pretty much the same. I'd still love to go around wearing a tree skirt, Santa hat, and a Christmas count-down chain!

And check out Stephen's cute family Christmas portrait! He's the older brother, with his sister and baby brother. I think these pictures are adorable!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Time for me to go snuggle up by the fire and enjoy being warm and cozy inside by the Christmas tree!


  1. Very fun! I LOVE that pic of Kirsten with all the presents around her! Looks like it should be in a magazine.

    Sounds like Seattle is the place to be in a normal winter. Where I live in Idaho, we've had a low of 2 degrees off and on for about a week. That's not bad though... as long as we're above 10 degrees in the day we're happpy and we've been in the high teens for a high so we're smiling!! :)

  2. I love all these pics! It's so fun to see ones of you guys when you were kids.

    We're finally getting snow, too. I've already shoveled the driveway once this morning and it's already covered again.

  3. I am loving all the pictures- both older ones and newer ones! It is so fun that you put all those up! Do you have a scanner to put them into your computer?

  4. I can't believe Kirsten is so old! At first I thought those pictures were *this* year of her but they're not, she's SO big!!! I love all the flashback pictures too, so fun!

  5. I couldn't stop saying Awwww! What great pictures!

  6. Sweet adorable pictures!
    Thanks for the eggnog recipe!
    Keep smiling and have a great Christmas and a happy new year!


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