Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Latest Update!

We are in San Diego at my parents' house! We're relieved to be here! This is what it looked like right outside my house in Seattle before we left. Beautiful and totally Christmasey! They might get a white Christmas and I won't even be there to see it.
I don't like to drive in the snow and it definitely messes with travel plans,
but. . . snow is SOOOOO beautiful!

-Inches of snow we got yesterday at my house: 4
-Number of hours we were at the airport before our flight finally left: 5 (yeah, LOTS of fun to keep a toddler entertained at the airport for so long!)
-Time we arrived in San Diego last night: 10:30 pm (it was supposed to be 7:30!)
-Time Kirsten went to bed last night: 1 am
Pregnancy Update:
-I'm 23 weeks pregnant now and feeling really good! I love the second trimester!
-I know I should post pictures of myself as my belly grows. I always forget to have someone take pictures of me! But I'm definitely looking pregnant now.
-I'm trying to decide what color to paint our third bedroom, that will soon be turned into Kirsten's room. Should I do green like Kirsten's room? Or something completely different? I'm opposed to pink and purple, but open to most other colors!
-It's crazy that I'm past the half-way point for this pregnancy. The second one goes by a LOT faster than the first one!

Here's Kirsten with one of her current obsessions: Finding lip gloss in my purse and sucking on the outside.

Kirsten is 19 months old now!
Some things she loves this month:
-Blue's Clues
-The Christmas tree and all the ornaments and lights on it
-ANY lights at all!
-Dogs, especially my parents' dog Millie (she calls her "Mimi")
-Climbing into boxes and sitting in them (even ones she doesn't fit very well inside)

Santa came early to Seattle and brought Kirsten a little kitchen before we left on our trip! She was so excited to come downstairs and find it!

It's the Fisher Price Grow With Me Kitchen, and it's really small which is great for fitting in our house. It can also be adjusted to a taller height when she gets older. She really likes all the play food and dishes, and her favorite is the blender that spins around and makes noise.

Herbie loved the kitchen too. . . or at least the BOX it came in. We couldn't get him out of it!

Some things Kirsten learned this month:
-How to say "Bye guys!" and "Hi guys!" She says it a lot, even when there's only one of us in the room.
-How to say "Spongebob". She watches it with Daddy on the weekends, and when the song comes on she says "Bob-bob". It's pretty funny, even though Spongebob is really annoying to me!
-How to turn a light-switch ON as well as off.
-How to click a pen on and off.

I thought this picture was cute. . . Stephen and Herbie were trying to take a nap, and Kirsten had other ideas!

That's all our latest news!


  1. it is cold and yucky here, and we're expecting more snow on Sunday- so enjoy the sunshine and warm weather and relaxing with your family!

  2. Kirsten is so big!! And cute as can be. It's true -- everything goes faster with number #2, and I'm guessing subsequent children as well.

    For you yellow would be cute. I've also seen baby blue done for a boy, then when his little sister got the room, they just accented with pink. Found a really cute blanket with pink and blue and hung it up as a wall decoration. So don't rule out blue, either. Tan/beige is pretty with pink accents, too. (Are you anti-pink all together, or just as a wall color?)

  3. Good update! Glad to hear that you are down in California! So when are we going to get together for games?

  4. Good update! Glad to hear that you are down in California! So when are we going to get together for games?

  5. It's sooo cold!! Have fun in SD!

  6. Kirsten is totally adorable! Just wait until she gets into more stuff... it can be maddening, but so fun too!
    I totally think you should do yellow with black accents. I saw a room done like that at the pottery barn kids website (I think), and it looked so SO classy!

  7. Hi Ashley! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your little girl is adorable!! Love her little kitchen. My daugher has a kitchen and LOVES it! Congrats on your pregnancy! Yep, the 2nd one definitely goes by much faster! I think it's cuz you're so busy chasing the first around you don't have much time to think about it.

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. Also for leaving a nice comment. Thought I would return the delight.

    I am a tad jealous that you are in San Diego for Christmas. Since I grew up there. There are so many things I miss about living there. I think the biggest would be the beach. So have a great time. Enjoy it a little for me to.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. hey, thanks for visiting my blog today! It's fun to see new faces! The snow is falling in Seattle, roads are a mess, adn they're calling for freezing rain the next few days, so you're probably better off where you are... LOL

  10. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    I also love to travel -- probably something leftover from growing up as a military brat and moving so much :D

  11. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. You have a cute family! I see we have a couple of the same friends. Have fun in San Diego! My hubby's flights were delayed too last week, and he's the pilot! He hates it as much as the passengers. Hope your flight home goes better.

  12. Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog :)

    Funny that we sort of switched places for the holidays, I'm here in Seattle and loving the snow (more last night!) and you're in So Cal. Happy Holiday's to you and your beautiful family!


  13. Lucky you. Since I am a San Diego native, I'm wishing I was there right now and not in the frozen tundra of Utah!! Have fun!

  14. I love the snowy pictures! That's awesome that you get a white christmas up there, too bad you won't be there for it! Ooo, as for a fun kid's room color...I love a fun, light, lemony yellow! It's so versatile and not *too* girly. You can accent it with tons of pink and purple and it still goes well. Kirsten's little kitchen thing is so cute too, I bet she'll have a blast with that when you come back. Is she opening the rest in San Diego?

  15. Thanks for your nice comment. You family is beautiful! We are neighbors. Only your on the west and we are on the east side of Washington. Have a Merry Christmas is California!

  16. Isn't the snow crazy right now? You're right, though, it is beautiful. I love that we're having a white Christmas in Washington.

  17. Cute cute pictures of eveything! I've read just about your whole first page and I love it all!
    I love the cat in the box in this post! My cat is the same way! She LOVES a box!
    Thanks for stopping by my page! If you have a following button, I'll be following you! ♥ Have fun on your trip! And Merry Christmas!
    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the recipe for the egg nog. I'm gonna be making it for sure!

  18. snow! what's that?? (: so fun!

    lil kirsten is so adorable. her hair is so long! i'm glad santa was good to her cuteness! (:

  19. Wow! She is a beauty! What a lovely little girl.

    That's a lot of snow for the PNW. I lived in the Portland area for awhile and the best commuting day I ever had was the day it snowed 1/2 inch. However, the 12 or so inches I hear they have now is crazy!

  20. yay! a new friend! thanks for stopping by my blog and actually speaking to me! you have the cutest little girl. how do you stand it?

    and how crazy is this: checking out your blog roll- that little erin mchwhirter is in my ward. small blog world!

    come by again and play anytime...

  21. Thanks for visiting my blog and recommending the Santa book. I'll have to check that out for next year.

    Congratulations! Another baby, yeah! :)

    Isn't the snow amazing? The pile on my deck is unbelievable!

  22. Cute cute cute cute cute! She's adorable and she is the reason why the second pregnancy goes faster- the little ones make time fly!


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