Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Top 10 Christmas Movies!

Since I reviewed my top 10 Christmas albums last week, I figured that I'd better do my top 10 Christmas movies for Tuesday Top 10! Here they are. . . the Christmas movies I try to re-watch every year!

*1: A Christmas Story- Of course I love this one! It's the ultimate Christmas classic!
*2: The Muppet Christmas Carol- This is such a well-done movie! I love the songs and all the characters, and Kirsten really likes it this year too.
*3: Disney's Small One- Most people have never heard of this featurette (it's about a half hour long), but I absolutely adore it! I watch it every year on Christmas Eve and the ending never fails to bring tears to my eyes. It's the sweetest story ever about a little boy who has to sell his beloved donkey. I was so thrilled when they released it on DVD! You can find it on 'Classic Holiday Stories' and I would recommend it to everyone.

*4: Home Alone 2- The original Home Alone is great as well, but I find Home Alone 2 to be funnier and just more entertaining in general. I watch this one every year for sure!

*5: The Santa Clause- The original really IS my favorite when it comes to this one. It's funny every year!

*6: Elf- What can I say about this one? Everyone loves it and I do too!

*7: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation- I never watched this one until I met Stephen, believe it or not. But he introduced me to it and now I watch it with him every year. It's just hilarious!

*8: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer- I grew up watching this TV classic and I still love it! You can't have Christmas without Rudolph!

*9: It's a Wonderful Life- I may not watch this one every single year, but I think the message is amazing and it's a terrific movie.

*10: Mickey's Christmas Carol- Another one I grew up watching. It's such a cute version of the Christmas Carol story! My second-favorite one, after the Muppets.

Bonus: Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. My family has this recorded on an old VHS tape, and me and my brother loved it. It's cute, funny, and has some really great songs on it. I didn't think this was out on DVD, but I just found out today that I was wrong! I ordered it, and Kirsten will love it!

What's on your Christmas must-watch list?


  1. Ohhh Elf!! I discovered that movie last Christmas, had to buy it, and laughed so hard I cried! Love it! My family also watched It's a Wonderful Life every single year, that one is the best!

  2. I love Elf! That movie cracks me up every time I watch it! We watch The Nativity Story.

  3. my MUST VIEWS include some of these, but two of my very favorites are Jingle All The Way & Jack Frost.

  4. Have to add Charlie Brown on there - one of the few that actually tells the Christmas story!

  5. We are with Tiffany and watch The Nativity story on Christmas Eve. My grandchildren love all these movies. we enjoy wathing the Home alone each year and laugh again over the same scenes. Merry Christmas Ashley to your and your beautiful family.
    Did you decide to name your baby Natalie?


  6. Sweet, I put a bunch of those on my Blockbuster list to watch!

  7. OH. Good list. Good post!!

    My #1 favorite is Miracle on 34th Street. The newer one with that really cute little girl who played in Matilda and about a hundred other things in the what? mid-nineties?

    Then, in order, Elf, Charlie Brown Christmas, The Grinch -the cartoon one, and Home Alone.

  8. We been watching the Santa Clause series over and over again! =>

  9. great list! but where's white christmas? many of those are our favorites too!

  10. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a blessed and very Merry Christmas! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna

  11. a christmas story and it's a wonderful life are fantastic holiday movies. i love them!

  12. i have {yet} to see It's a Wonderful Life...but i [hear] that i'd love it. (:

    OOOOooo and I'm with Heather...the new version of Miracle is so sweet. (:

    Cute post, girl!

  13. We got "Small One" from Blockbuster and it was great! We watched it twice and I constantly have the songs running through my head. Thank you for recommending it!


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