Friday, December 5, 2008

My Christmas Wish List!

This is my first EVER computerized Christmas list, complete with pictures and links! Santa's got it easy this year! :) Stephen requested a list recently, because he had no idea what I wanted for Christmas. So here's more help than he probably bargained for. My blog letter to Santa!

Dear Santa,
I hope you don't think I'm greedy, but I know I've been good this year and I think I deserve at least a few of these awesome gifts under my tree this year. I would like:

*1: A piano. And we would need some space for the piano to magically appear in our house as well. :) Not too much to ask, right?

*2: The Flip Video Ultra in this color! I got my current video camera in 2002 and it still works but it's bulky, records onto mini VHS tapes, and it's a pain to get videos onto the computer. I know I would use this cute mini digital video recorder all the time! And it connects straight to the computer so I can easily share videos and record them onto DVD's. *3: This dog! A teacup yorkie, the cutest little animal I ever saw in my life. Yes, Stephen, I know you're not getting me a dog this year. That doesn't prevent me from wanting it anyway!
*4: Tickets to see Wicked in Hollywood! We'll be down there for Christmas anyway and I've been really wanting to see this show. The perfect day would be Saturday, December 27'th, and we could eat my favorite California Nachos at the historic Pig'n Whistle restaurant in Hollywood too. You can buy tickets at:

*5: The Philosophy Warm By the Fire gift set! It's inspired by the simple pleasure of sipping hot cocoa and roasting marshmallows over a crackling fire, and comes with Double Rich Hot Cocoa shower gel/bubble bath, Melting Marshmallow Cream Body Souffle, and Ooey Gooey S'mores Lip Shine. What girl wouldn't want to take a hot chocolate bubble bath? I'm dying to have this!! Buy it at: Sephora.
*6: A few CD's I'd love to own-
-David Archuleta's new album
-'Rejoice and Be Merry' Christmas CD by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, featuring the King's Singers
-'The Secret of Christmas' by the BYU Singers

*7: Mamma Mia! on DVD, so I can sing and dance along with it as much as I want in my own living room :)
*8: An apron has never been on my wish list before, and I don't currently own one, but I really want this Red Cherry Apron! Isn't it the cutest? Stephen, I promise I would bake lots of French apple pies for us if I could be wearing this while I do it. Here's the link to buy it:
*9: The 'Dip Into Something Different' cookbook from The Melting Pot. I love to use my fondue pot, and this book has SO many recipes I'd love to try!
*10: Zooloretto looks like a fun board game, and I'd like to try it out! I'm always up for fun new games.

*11: This Peppermint Flexible Spatula from Williams-Sonoma. By far the cutest spatula I've ever seen! It would be a perfect stocking stuffer!
*12: These cozy, soft pajama pants from American Eagle and the top that goes with them. (Note to Santa: You don't need to worry about this one. I think Stephen already got them for me at the Black Friday sale).

I'm excited for Christmas morning already! Thanks for reading this, Santa. You know I still believe!



  1. Wow, I've never seen that video thing before but it looks awesome! Our video camera records straight to mini DVD's but I love the one you posted about because it's SO little! Mine seems so enormous in comparison!

  2. My Mommy in Law has a mini teacup yorkie and she is sooooooo adorable. Come on get a puppy!!!!!!!!!! =>

  3. i love your Christmas wish list!! and i was going to get you a piano.. but it wouldn't fit in the stocking i sent you!!! ha ha!

    I really hope you get everything you want this year!! :)


  4. So when you make the french apple pies are you going to wear only the apron - cuz then I bet for sure Stephen will get it!!! I think you can handle 2 cats, a toddler, a new born and a new puppy! You can house train the puppy and Kirsten at the same time.

  5. Awesome wish list. I might have to steal a thing or two from there. If you want that spatula from WS let me know cuz I can get a discount there since I am working there! Maybe when you come down we can get together and shop!

  6. I dream of tickets to Wicked too... I've wanted to see that since 2004. Hope you get a bunch of the things on your very fun list! :)

  7. Wicked is the best!!! We went for our anniversary in October - Make sure your hubby gets seats on the floor that aren't over the overhang of the balcony... :)

  8. I love my flip! We use it all the time, it's awesome. Every mom needs one. (Stephen, check Costco.)

  9. WOW! FUN STUFF!!!
    Wicked was awesome!!!!
    I would love that spatula too!

  10. Teacup yorkies are soooo cute!!!!

    Anthropologie has really cute aprons too!

  11. Nooo, I was definitely *not* making fun of this post! I just thought those gifts were so hilarious. I could never post a *real* wish list because it's pointless, Danny and I aren't getting a Christmas this year. Our Christmas went to getting the car fixed unfortunately. :( After sinking $750 last week, it's broken AGAIN this week. I'm totally freaking out.

  12. We went and saw "Wicked" when we lived in NYC two summers ago. It's a GREAT show. You'll love it. I hope Santa gets it for you!


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