Friday, January 2, 2009

The Little Christmas Baker

Before Christmas, we had a little elf helping us making Christmas goodies for the first time. . . She was so thrilled to help Grandma roll out the dough for the sugar cookies. Especially because she got to EAT the cookie dough! She was in heaven!
This is me and my brother putting the final touches on the Santa cookies.

Kirsten also had a great time on Christmas eve, helping to make the orange rolls!

It was so gross. . . she would pick up an entire roll of dough and just take a big bite out of it!

She had flour all over her by the time we were done.

We also made pretzel rods dipped in caramel and chocolate! YUM! We made a big mess making them, but they were super good. Totally worth it!

We love making Christmas treats! And we especially love eating them afterwards. It's been a yummy Christmastime around here!


  1. How cute is she??

    And I love making prezel rods!!

    -Actually, I never can find 'em so I just end up using the regular ones. Where did you find those anyway?

  2. I enjoyed seeing all your Christmas photos of your adorable helper. She truly is beautiful and will be a great big sister!

    MMM... I bought all the stuff to dip the pretzels for our sons' wedding and ran out of time. They sure look yummy. I will have to make them for Valentines day! They will make great VT and HT gifts:)

  3. Sounds like you had a yummy Christmas! How is your mom's health? She looks really good in these pictures. How is Jacob? Is he still playing the violin? I miss your family! I love all the pictures you posted. They are so great and Kirsten is so CUTE!

  4. Seeing these shots of your mom's kitchen totally makes me homesick for the good 'ol homeschool days.
    Looks like you had lots of fun!!! :)

  5. Those cookies and pretzels are awesome!!!!!!!!!! Makes me hungry!

  6. she is so cute & those treats look DELICIOUS!!!!!!


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