Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our California Adventures!

I know you've all been dying to know all about what we did on our Christmas/New Years vacation. Settle down and get ready. . . this might take awhile! :)

Kirsten played outside and loved it every day. She woke up really early every morning (before 7 am!) and usually the first thing she said was "Mimi." It meant she wanted to go outside and see my parents' dog, Millie. She just loves Millie!
We visited Stephen's Aunt Mary and Uncle Lance on Coronado Island and Kirsten got some fun presents from all the relatives! She was shy around the strangers, but she liked their dog, of course.

We had a few bonfires in the backyard and roasted hot dogs and made s'mores. It made me miss camping!

We got to eat at some of my favorite restaurants that we don't have in Seattle. The Old Town Mexican Cafe, Chili's, Fuddruckers, Old California Mining Company, Rubios. . . YUM!!!

We took a walk by the San Diego Harbor and saw the boats! It was a gorgeous day!

Kirsten fed the chickens pretty much every day. She is braver than me! I don't even like doing that!

She loved scattering their food everywhere and it was really fun to watch her.

We rang in the New Year at about 7:00 with Kirsten. . .

And then at midnight with all the adults! My cousin Tammy and her family stayed over and we played Apples to Apples until midnight.

Kirsten made great friends with Tammy's cute son Andy. Andy was so good with her, and she followed him around and even said his name!

Kirsten pretended she was going kayaking. . .

Played with the water faucet in my parents' yard. . .

Picked apples and pet the kitties. . .

And I realized even more how badly I want a cute little puppy like this one someday! Isn't that maltese the cutest? A neighbor brought him over to play and I just wanted to snuggle with him all day.

We ate a pretty wild dinner at the Elephant Bar Restaurant!

And went to my cousin Pam's wedding and reception at the very end of the trip. She was such a beautiful and happy bride!
Whew! We were busy! But we definitely had a ton of fun!!!


  1. One of the best things about SD is the food! Glad you made it to Rubio's. Hope you ate some fish tacos for me!

  2. Ashley, It looks like a wonderful vacation seeing your family and being in some warmer weather. Your daughter is sooo cute and precious!
    My friends Ashleyhaberdashly on my blog has been writing reviews of the Bachelor like you did if I am remembering right. Just thought you might be interested:) (She actually tried out...She would have been awesome. She was Miss Salt Lake County before her first marraige.
    I had to go on a hunt through my comments for you as my bloglist was deleted. I am so glad I found you again!

    Welcome home!

  3. Fun! Love all the pics. I love San Diego. And I really want a Maltese for my next dog. So so cute.

  4. WOW! I love all your pictures, it looks like you guys had so much fun!!! And you don't even LOOK pregnant at all!!! You need to do belly shots or something because you don't even HAVE a belly, you look awesome!!! And I love Kirsten's hair in pigtails, oh man, it's SO cute! She probably freaked out and cried her guts out while you did it, right? Would she ever let you curl her piggies? Oh, they're so cute!!! It makes her look so grown up! ALL of the pictures, I just can't believe how grown up and *CUTE* she is!!!

  5. looks like a great trip! And you're right, that puppy is just adorable!

  6. Hello!
    What another fun trip to sweet
    California! Yes you look wonderful and your other half and little sweety are awesome!
    Keep sharing your life joys with us!
    Thanks for sharing the art pictures and your love for art. That will help me as I am enrolled in Art 110 looking at lots of art.
    Did you have any favorite topics in a speech class to talk about?
    I'm in that too.
    Another interesting thing, my grandaughter calls my youngest daughter "Mimi" instead of Mandy when she comes over...Its cute!
    Love always,

  7. Omigosh, isnt Rubio's the best??!!! Looks like ya'll had a great time! Wasn't the weather wonderful??!!!

  8. I am so exhausted just hearing about all the fun things that you did! And thanks again for coming down to play lots of fun games with us! We loved it and it was so much fun to finally meet you and to hang out with you!

  9. Thanks for the nice comments! Isn't Beth a hoot? She and I go way back. I'm glad she could bring us "Bachelor Buddies" together :)

  10. i love all of these pictures!!!!!! that little doggie you are holding is adorbale. i want a little doggie, too!!!!!!!!!

    how do we convince our husbands to get us one?!?!?!

    You look great and i think i have an Aeropostale zip-up hoodie just like yours!!! :) wooo hoo!! great minds think alike!!!!

  11. When we moved to Mesa I was so excited to see Rubio's! We ate there the very first day we arrived.

    Your daughter is so cute!

  12. Awesome~! Hope you have a beautiful weekend! ♥ Hugs :)

  13. Looks like you had a fun vacation. I love the harbor pictures! I forget how beautiful it is here :) I got to see you at church for a second (literally). Maybe we can catch up more next time.

  14. Awhhh that puppy isss soooooooo cute!!! => Glad you had a great time, love all the pictures!


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