Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Top 10 Favorite Things Right Now!

It's time for another edition of Tuesday Top 10! I have tons of favorite things, but here are the main ones I could think of for today. I highly recommend everything on this list, of course!

#1- Bath and Body Works' Aromatherapy Stress Relief Body Lotion. The scent is called Eucalyptus Spearmint, which sounds weird to me so I probably never would have tried it if a yoga instructor I had in college hadn't brought some of the pillow spray that we could use at the end of class. I remember spraying some on my little towel, lying down, putting it over my face, and going out immediately to buy the scent the next day. It really is that relaxing! I own the pillow spray, massage oil, bath soak, shower gel, candle, and my very favorite is the lotion. I use it every single night before bed. LOVE it!

#2- The Molten Lava Chocolate Cake dessert from Chili's. I guarantee that I will eat this every single day in heaven! It's my favorite dessert in the entire world. . . the perfect combination of moist cake, hot fudge, cold ice cream, and chocolate topping you could ever imagine. If you live near a Chili's, please go out and order one soon! And know that I am jealous of you, because there are currently no Chili's restaurants in Washington. But I got to eat this delicious dessert when I was in California, and I'm still craving it every day.

#3- Reef Flip-Flops. I really hate wearing socks and shoes, for whatever reason. They make me too hot when I'm inside, and my feet just feel so constricted in them. Being a true California girl, I still live in Reef flip-flops as much as I possibly can. They are the most comfortable and last forever!
#4- Our sheets from Costco. Right after I got married, I bought some expensive sets of sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond. After only a couple of times in the wash, they were all lint-covered and nasty! I still have no idea why that happened. But our Costco sheets are still smooth as silk, no matter how many times I wash them. They feel amazing! Ours aren't white though, they're a light blue shade.
#5- The Gap Maternity store! Now that I am relegated to wearing mostly maternity clothes, I've found that Gap Maternity is by far my favorite. Their clothes are the most comfortable, fit me the best, don't shrink or get nasty in the laundry, and are the cutest too!

#6- Tillamook Ice Cream. You can only buy this in grocery stores if you live in Washington or Oregon (I'm pretty sure). It's such creamy, yummy ice cream! My flavor of choice lately is Chocolate Peanut Butter. It's very addicting!

#7- The new TV shows! I have been so excited to watch the new episodes of The Office (wasn't last week's show hilarious?), American Idol, The Bachelor, True Beauty, and 24.

#8- Not that doing the dishes is my favorite thing. . . but when I have to do the dishes, the best dish soap by far is the Palmolive Aromatherapy in the purple bottle. It's like body wash for your dishes and your hands! It really does smell awesome.

#9- Fuzzy socks! These aren't an exact picture of mine, but I love wearing thick, fuzzy socks around the house. They keep my feet so warm! My favorite pairs came from Aeropostale, but I think they only sold them there around Christmastime.

#10- Gummy candy from The Sweet Factory at the mall! Can you tell I'm on a sugar kick lately? :) I love all the gummies they sell there, especially the sweet and sour ones and the orange slices.

Bonus- Crest Whitening Expressions Toothpaste in the Refreshing Vanilla Mint flavor. Ever since we tried this, both Stephen and I won't ever buy any other kind of toothpaste again.


  1. Nope, you can buy Tillamook in Idaho too... ;)

  2. TOTALLY!!! Costco sheets ROCK! Ours are still SOOOOO nice and silky, we have this nice tan color. I love them. I do love that Chili's desert, you've hooked me on it! And The Office...Danny and I are so excited to watch last's weeks episode on Hulu tonight (we don't have TV)!!!

  3. I love eucalyptus spearmint too! It is by far the best. I've only tried the hand soap though.

  4. Hello!
    Baskin Robbins has chocolate peanut butter and also some grocery chains too. That is my favorite of your lists!

    I bought a new condiment round spice rack from Bed bath and Beyond for Christmas, it replaced an original yellow wedding shower one that I recieved 26 years ago...
    Keep smiling!

  5. love it all. molten lava cake....mmmm. The most enjoyable 1,324 calories I'll ever consume. And it's a good thing you like your toothpaste with all that sugar!! ;)

  6. Top Foods was having a buy one get one sale on Tillamook ice cream today... guess what came home with me!

  7. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    We love the office at our house. I always laugh really hard when I watch it.

  8. Love your list! I'm totally a eucalyptus girl too. Such a relaxing scent.

    I didn't realize you're pregnant! Congrats!

  9. This is such a cute idea!! I love the toothpaste too. :)

  10. Ooohh yummy. I'm going to try that molten lava dessert thing next time I go to Chili's.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi. So cool.

    You know, my last trimester, all I wanted was sweets. My firts two trimesters were awesome, because I only craved good for me, healthy stuff, but that all went away the third trimester. It's been eighteen months already, and that sweet craving hasn't left yet!

  11. oooh, I'm all over that bonus one about the toothpaste. I LOVE that vanilla mint flavor. I've always had a hard time brushing my teeth because of the overly minty toothpaste flavors that all the toothpaste companies use. While preggo, I had to brush with just water because the minty flavors were just too strong and I would gag. But that vanilla mint is nice and subtle. LOVE IT

    fun list!!

  12. I think I need one of those cakes right now.

  13. I love that type of lotion!!! It's one of my favorites!!!! Sooo refreshing!!!! And my sister is addicted to the vanilla toothpaste too. lol!!!

  14. i agree: gap maternity rocks my world as well.

    fun list!

  15. What a fun post, I loved ready your favorite things... there are things there that I TOTALLY agree with and a few things I now need to TRY!

  16. What a cute idea ....I love your list! I totally agree with the flip flop thing too....must be a California thing:) Even now that I live where it snows I still love to wear my flip flops:) I will have to try that molten lava cake sometime...it looks so yummy!

  17. Do you live near an Applebee's? They have a similar dessert like the lava cake that is yummy! BTW, while searching for locations, I found a Chili's at the Seattle airport. Maybe it's not a full restaurant?

  18. You're killin' me here, girl!! I'm on a diet and now, there is a small drool puddle because of the mention of Chili's molten cake (oh my, that is my FAVORITE dessert ever as well). And gummi candy--I was craving, craving (to the point that I bought gumi vitamins in an attempt to help me) gummi fruit slices yesterday... I love fuzzy socks too, they are the best thing ever. I have been known to wear them under my boots to work... I can't believe there are no Chili's in Washington! That's some sort of crime!


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