Friday, January 9, 2009

Our Day In LA!

Wow, I am finally able to blog again! I'm still in San Diego, and my parents' computer has been having major issues. I haven't been able to upload any pictures onto my blog until today! I've figured out that two of the most annoying things in the world are:

#1- Really slow internet when you're used to high-speed cable


#2- Live TV when you're used to a DVR

I'm going crazy!!!

Anyway. . . guess where we went just a couple days before Christmas?I was reminded why we don't go to LA very often. . . it took 3 hours each way in traffic to get there! And we didn't spend much time in Hollywood, but we did get to eat yummy nachos at the Pig 'n Whistle Restaurant and stop by Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.

I got to put my hand in the hand print of Gene Kelly, my favorite dancer ever!

There's not a whole ton to do on Hollywood Boulevard, but after that we headed to the Getty Museum- Southern California's biggest and best art museum. And it's great because after you pay for the parking, the museum itself is free!

So here it is. . . a picture of me looking pregnant. :) This fountain is at the Getty Museum.

I was a humanities major in college with an art history emphasis, so I have spent many hours studying and analyzing great works of art. I loved being able to go to a museum again and see some beautiful works of art, even though I felt kind of dumb because my art history knowledge has most definitely faded. I just can't remember everything I used to know!
This was one of my favorite paintings in the museum. . . done by the English painter, Turner. It's just gorgeous!

They also had some wonderful paintings by Monet and some of my other favorite Impressionist painters. I love Impressionist art!

The museum sits up on a hill, so there's an amazing view of LA from the museum!

It was a really fun day, even though it was a looooong time spent in the car. We can all be glad we don't have to deal with LA traffic every day!


  1. LA traffic is the worst! I hate it.

    But, I looooooooove Gene Kelly! How fun!!

  2. Wow, you guys had a really looooong vacation. It must be wondeful! I was thinking about you guys when I heard about the flooding in West Washington due to snow melting. Good to know you guys are just fine! :)

  3. I have never been to Hollywood before but I definitely need to go and check out that musuem!

  4. What a fun day! I love those pictures that you posted. The paintings are beautiful!

  5. Yep, LA traffic is miserable, and my region is huge, I'm on the road 60 - 70% of my work day, all in LA. Glad you had a nice though visit to our lovely traffic-packed city :) Isn't The Getty the best?!!!

  6. Ohhh, now *that* is a place I want to go visit!!! How fun!! I love the pictures and I think that would be awesome. Maybe we'll have enough time in Cali to visit Hollywood, oh I hope!!!

  7. I keep meaning to go see the Getty! Nice pics Ash. My middle school usually takes groups of 6th graders up there each year but I just haven't been in on it yet. Maybe next year!

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  9. Fun trip! And I'm glad I don't have to deal with that traffic either. It's a bear!

  10. oooh.. i love GENE KELLY!!!!!!

    and it looks like so much fun!

    those paintings are breathtaking! i can't imagine how wonderful they look IN REAL LIFE!!

    luuuuucky you!!!!! :0)

  11. ok...
    so my question is this:

    when are ME, YOU, & RACHEL going to get together and go to Hollywood? Or New York? or ANYWHERE!!?!?!?!?

    i think we three would have fun anywhere!!!!!

  12. We loved the Getty Museum, too, when we lived down there. But I agree... LA traffic is horrible, and Hollywood Blvd is a bit over-hyped.

  13. You were right by our house!!! We live about 20 minutes from where you were. Too bad we missed you! Glad you had fun though!

  14. So jealous that you were able to go to the Getty Museum!


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