Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Double Stroller Time!

I've started looking online at lots of double stroller reviews, since I'll be buying one soon. And I need help deciding!!! Here is the stroller I currently have. . . the Graco LiteRider Travel System.
I really liked the car seat and the way it snapped into the stroller, but I'm not so crazy about the stroller itself. It's flimsy and since the front wheels don't swivel it's very hard to steer, and pretty much impossible to steer one-handed.

So, for the double stroller, I'm willing to spend more money on a stroller that's much better. Here are the things I absolutely want it to have:
*The ability to snap my Graco SnugRider infant seat into one of the seats (yep, this limits me quite a bit, because most double strollers don't have this feature. But at least some other strollers besides Graco ones DO have this feature!)
*Storage basket underneath. I put my diaper bag and shopping bags in it ALL the time, so I need to have that for sure!
*Not too huge. I've seen some seriously massive double strollers out there, and I'd like it to be at least slightly manageable!
*I'm still on the fence about whether I'd prefer the seats to be side-by-side or behind each other. I'd love to hear any preferences or tips about that!

Here are my top considerations so far:

#1- Valco Latitude For 2
Pros: -It seems to get great reviews from everyone. I don't think anybody dislikes this stroller! It's supposedly very easy to push and steer.
-It's relatively lightweight (30 pounds)
-It has full newborn recline, car-seat compatibility with my Graco seat, and a generous storage basket.
-It comes WITH a rain cover, boot covers, a front bumper bar, and adjustable handle
-It's really pretty!
Cons: -It's 29 inches wide, and says it fits through standard doorways. But is that too wide?
-No cup holders, so I'd have to buy an attachable one.
-I don't think there are any retailers in my area that have these in their stores, so I'd probably have to buy it without trying it out. However, websites do offer free shipping on it.

#2- Bumbleride Indie Twin
Pros: -It also has car-seat compatibility, reclining seats, good-sized storage basket, and this one does come with a cupholder, matching foot muffs, bumper bar, and infant headrest.
-Has swiveling wheels, adjustable handle, and it's really nice-looking too. I like this brown color or the one in red!
Cons: -It's a little bit heavier than the Valco one, at 34 pounds. But it seems to be the same width.
-Ditto with the buying online. There's free shipping, but I don't think I'd be able to try before I buy.

#3- Graco Quattro Tour Duo
Pros: -I'd be able to try it out at Babies R Us and see if it's easy to push and steer.
-Has a parent storage tray with two cup holders, like the one I have now. Also has a storage basket.
-Has front swivel wheels.
Cons: -This thing is freakin' huge and heavy, at 39 pounds. I'd feel like I was pushing a train around!
-It's really not a quality stroller. It's a "budget" stroller, like the one I've got now.
-I'd prefer not to buy another Graco stroller. But it's the only one I could find where the seats are behind each other that still accepts the car seat.

#4- Graco DuoGlider
Pros: -Has a child's tray with cup and snack holders, a big storage basket, and a parent cup holder
-Lighter and smaller than the Quattro Tour Train. Also cheaper, and I'm guessing the wheels aren't as good. But I'd be able to try this one out at the store too.
Cons: -Again, it's a Graco stroller. And it's also their cheapest double stroller option. Not really built to last.
-Seriously ugly fabric choices on this one. We're talking tans and olive greens. Yuck!

I really want some feedback! If anyone has experience with any of these strollers or just tips about double strollers in general, I'd love to hear from you! Which one do you think you'd choose if you were me?


  1. We've been researching and test driving at Babies R Us, and have decided on the Aria Twin. It's only 18 pounds, which is fabulous, since I'm only 5 feet tall and cannot handle lifting a 40 pound stroller. And the carseat will snap in to it. We had the Aria single stroller and loved it, and our Graco carseat worked with that with no extra attachments, so should work with the Twin as well.

    Good luck!

  2. Have you looked at any of the Sit and Stand double strollers? That is what I have and I really love it. It has an attachment that works with Graco car seats (that is what I have.)
    I like it because it gave my son the freedom to sit or stand (hence the name) and made him feel more in control. He was really fighting being in the stroller at all but when we got this one he just loved it.
    There is one model where you can't strap the toddler in if they are sitting. Don't get that one! And the Basket is really big. :-)
    Mine is a Baby Trend brand and I got it from Target.

  3. Oh yikes good luck finding the right one!! XOXO

  4. The only advice I can give is to get a front to back stroller. The side by side ones won't go down some aisles in stores, museums, theme parks, etc. I always feel bad watching some poor mom whack into the sides of an aisle only to have to back up and go another way. I also liked knowing that my toddler couldn't do anything to the baby. (Katrina used to bite Christopher when I wasn't watching.)

  5. I have a Joovy sit/stand. I really like it.

  6. Seriously, if you want to feel pregnant all over again whenever you push your stroller, get a front to back (I think they are called tandem). Can I tell you how much I HATED HATED H A T E D my graco double stroller????? Don't even consider these. They may be less expensive, but they are not worth it at all. The double Graco stroller convinced me to NEVER buy a tandem stroller again. They suck. Hands down. If you are willing to invest a lot in a double stroller, I would suggest the Baby Jogger Elite. They are awesome (my SIL has one), so so awesome, come with every feature that you could ever want, have tons of storage, double recline, snap-on features, etc. I sit and drool every time my SIL and I go somewhere together with our broods (which is a lot). It is very pricey though. On the other hand, the price is worth it if you are planning on using it long term.
    Another one that I suggest is the schwinn jogger. That's the one I have, and it is super sturdy and LIGHT. A standard door is I think 32 inches, so both of these strollers will fit through easily. If you have any other questions, just email me! I have done enough research on strollers to last two lifetimes, and I hope it can help you!

  7. PS I don't know of any amusement parks that don't have HUGE walkways anyway, so you will not have a problem with that. You may have an issue with smaller places, like boutiques for example. But I don't know anyone who is brave enough to go to a small boutique with little ones in tow! :)

  8. I have the tandem graco stroller. Bought it 2.5 years ago. It's still going strong, and I get a lot of use out of it.

    But. It's BIG. It's really not heavy to push, just the 65 lbs of kids inside are hard! But even then, it's only hard when going uphill.

    There are times in the past that I've taken the boys to the mall with the stroller. Not a great idea for many reasons, but one of them being that a tandem stroller just doesn't fit in mall shops. I don't think a side-by-side would, either.

    If I could do it again, I'd by a sit and stand. (They were just coming out when I got mine.) They are more compact and lightweight, but still hold two kids comfortably. And (as many of the women have said) they work with graco carseats.

    So there you have it! My opinion. =D

  9. We had the Graco DuoGlider. It was great! I loved the front/back tandem positioning, as it allowed me to maneuver through doors and aisles in stores. Both infant seats snapped in and when the boys got older, I could actually get one in the car, go to the back and pop the hatch, get the second boy out of the stroller, hold him, fold the stroller flat and get it into the car. When the boys were first born, I had a Hyundai Elantra and the stroller fit into the trunk, so it will probably fit whatever kind of a car you have. I thought this was a great stroller... good luck with your decision!

  10. We got a Combi double stroller a couple years ago. It is a side by side stroller. I loved it! The only problem was that the infant carseat did not strap in. I was still able to put my newborn in safely with some of their options. I never had a problem at stores, amusement parks etc. I didn't like how long the front and back seat strollers were. Plus I wanted to be able to watch both of my children and not having to go to the front of the stroller when one grabbed whatever off the shelf. Plus the front to back strollers were huge when you folded them up to put in the trunk of the car.

    I would seriously advise you not to buy a stroller without trying it out at the store first. Even when one type of stroller works with one person it may not work for you.

  11. Do not get the Graco Duo Glider. It is really hard to push once the kids are inside. As I'm sure you've figured out, there is no perfect stroller (darn!) but the double we finally decided on it the double Trax360 made by Tike Tech. It is really a breeze to push and you can turn on a dime. It fits through 30" doors and most isles at the mall. So you can get an idea, it's about the width of a costco shopping cart. The seats recline separately and there's a car seat adapter you can buy separately and put in a Graco Snug Ride or a couple others. There's a few other accessories made just for it as well - the only one I have is the all-season cover which is WONDERFUL for windy, rainy, or snowy days. The wheels can lock to stay straight for any joggers out there, or swivel for more standard stroller use. The customer service is really great. I had my stroller arrive damaged and they (Tike Tech) totally took care of it with no questions asked, and no expense to me.
    It is the lightest double jogger I could find, but it is still very heavy and a weird shape.. I'm thinking 21 lbs??? I can't remember. It does have a strap to velcro it once in folded position, and a little wrist strap for the stroller pusher. My husband is really tall and it is easy for him to push, and it's also easy for my 5' friend to push. It does not, however, fit into the trunk of a sedan. If you've got a van or an SUV you'd be okay.

    Since you are a traveler, you might also be interested in a smaller version of a double - my favorite is the Combi Twin Savvy. It trifolds into the size of a set of golf clubs and has a long strap you can swing over your stroller. Really handy, and very light weight. It also accepts two infant Combi carseats. We had one of these for a while, but after trying 5 different double strollers, I really do like my Trax360 the best - especially now that I have a garage I can park it in. It has all the features (except shocks, which I believe are over-rated) as the more expensive baby joggers and bob strollers.

    Good luck! It's a HARD decision!

  12. A note on the Combi strollers: You've got to get a newer model to have the straps to hook in a car seat... and I just remembered they only accept 1 not 2 carseats. But you're not having twins, so it doesn't matter.

  13. I looked up the tike tech trax 360 double, and it's 26.5 lbs.

    Here's a link:

  14. i have #4 but would love #3 (Ithink). I have been pelased with the stroller for the most part. I would not get a side by side b/c I think they are 'rude" to have b/c they take up too much space and peole have to get out of your way :)

  15. Oh man, wow! That would be a fun purchase! My only advice would be to get a side by side double...not a back to back double! They seem SOOOO much harder to turn and they are much bulkier feeling. I've never tried those exact brands but I would totally go for a side by side. In fact, I want a side by side JOGGER!!! Those are cushy! Good luck deciding, you'll have to let us know which one you buy!

  16. Ashley--
    I've got a Combi side-by-side double stroller and absolutely LOVE it. I have never had a problem with it being too wide. I figured that if I had a front/back double, then once baby #2 got old enough there would be fighting over who got to sit in the front, so I decided to do the side-by-side thing. I never put a carseat in mine, so I'm not sure what the compatability is with the Combi brand and different carseats. So there's another stroller to add to your list of reviews to read :). Pretty sure you can try them out at Babies R Us.

    Bottom Line: Going ANYWHERE with two babies is a HUGE pain, no matter what stroller you pick. hahah. Happy shopping. :)

  17. i've just started looking for a stroller and finally picked one out. i wanted it to be lightweight, small when it folds up, and hopefully able to carry a carseat. i finally found something that has everything i needed...and it comes in a double. it's called the "city mini" by baby jogger. i totally recommend checking it out at, but lots of other places carry them as well!

  18. Unless you are going out walking/jogging daily just about anything will get you through the occasional mall trip or Disneyland. I think double wides are a little harder to get through spaces. I like the idea of the sit/stand models. We had the Graco duo glider - for the money and how often we used it, it was a good fit.

  19. Well, it's either going to be wide or long --- I think I'd go with wide, as all the "long" doubles I've tried are really hard to steer. Good luck! It's an adventure adding another baby into trips and errands, that's for sure.

  20. Nice selection.!! Those are really some nice double strollers. Well, I too got a stroller through online shopping.

  21. I have a single Bumbleride and absolutely LOVE it!!!

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