Monday, January 19, 2009

Better Late Than Never!

I stopped making a whole list of New Year's resolutions a couple of years ago, when I figured out that a list just does not work for me. I end up forgetting, tossing aside, and breaking every single thing on the list within the first week, guaranteed! I've realized that what I need is ONE goal to focus on for the year. And I figured out what mine would be for 2009, as soon as I got back to Seattle and took a good look at my house. Here it is. . .

Get Organized!!!

Especially with a new baby on the way and moving Kirsten into the third bedroom so the baby can have the current baby room, I really just need to de-clutter and get things together!!! My natural inclination is to not be the most organized person in the world. I'm a little more of a pack rat, who likes to keep everything in case I might need it someday. It's hard for me to throw stuff away. However, I really DO hate clutter and I hate having a messy house. Fighting clutter is an ongoing battle, but I really do believe that everyone is happier in a clutter-free home.

My "presentable" areas like the downstairs family/dining room usually look pretty good. As long as you ignore all the toys, anyway. :) The scary areas in my house are the places most people don't see. Upstairs closets, the pantry, the laundry room, the coat closet, the bathroom storage closet. . . yikes! All of those places need some serious help! I also need a much better way to organize Kirsten's toys. Any organizing tips that can come my way will be greatly appreciated! I know some of you reading this are awesome organizers!

*It's nice to be back home in Seattle, even though Kirsten really misses her grandparents and their huge, fun yard with all the animals and constant things to do. I tried taking her to an indoor playground last Friday, so she could run around and climb things. I thought she'd love it. Turned out she was clingy and afraid of the other kids, especially the one year-old crawling baby. Go figure! I'm just about out of creative ideas!!!

I did take down my Christmas decorations last week, got everything put away, and all my normal stuff back up on the walls. I know, everyone else got that done weeks ago. But I didn't feel too bad, since everything was taken down only one day after I got back. Thank goodness Stephen took the tree down and put all the ornaments away while I was gone!

*January is officially the most boring month of the year for me. It just is. I feel so blah and un-excited. The holidays are all over! Can't we just skip January and go straight to February please?

*We DID get an empty seat for Kirsten on the return flight to Seattle! There were tons of empty seats on the plane, and even the entire row in front of us was empty. And it was nice!!! The flight was generally very easy, except for about 20 minutes in the middle of the flight when Kirsten got extremely tired, couldn't fall asleep, and had a crying/screaming meltdown. It was awful. She didn't want to be held and there was absolutely nothing we could do to console her. I cried too. I really hate that helpless feeling I get when nothing I can do will make her happy, and it makes me cry.

*I hope I get lots of comments on this post. I need some comment-love!


  1. you're very true about the new year resolution .. unless it's useful it's such a waste of time and papers and ink .. lol

  2. I've never made resolutions. Growing up, my best friend would get all into and make it a big deal to make them. I tried to pretend like I cared and wanted to make them too, but I thought they were retarded. I just try to constantly work at improving areas that are a problem for me. All year long I do that.

    I agree that January should be boycotted. I think we should start a new holiday during this month so there's something cool that happens. Wouldn't that be nice? Maybe I should make a resolution every year to have something planned that I'm excited about in January. I'm always depressed in this dumb month so I should do something great to fight the depression. Good idea, huh? ;)

    You wanted comment love and I just seem to be giving you comment grumpiness... sorry about that. Let's see...

    Being a chronic-disorganized-mess myself, I got nothin' for tips in that department.

    Empty seats and airplanes ROCK! I'm so glad you got one. :)

    Only 12 more days til we can say 'goodbye' to January!!! :)

  3. So hard when you feel helpless to help them! I love being on empty flights and feeling organized and decluttered! In fact, I need to get off this computer and go through my huge stack of papers that I've been putting off for two months.

  4. Good luck with organizing! I can relate: I have a ton of paper clutter and books for the same reason.

  5. I have the same pack-rat tendencies. I also hate clutter and having a dirty house, but I seem to hate cleaning it more! I have to get really motivated to want to clean.

    January has also been very blah for me. And that carries over into my commenting (or lack thereof!)

  6. looks like you had fun in CA - my mom said she saw your mom one day while you were there

  7. That's funny, Lilly for some reason is petrified of other kids her size too, I don't know why! She goes into massive panic convulsions and hides behind me. I don't get it! That's awesome that the flight had an extra seat next to you, I bet that made for an easier ride!! Good luck getting all your rooms and house ready for the baby's arrival! :)

  8. New Year's resolutions are so hard to stick with, therefore I never verbalize mine to anyone. I do make myself some goals for the year, but I don't like to be held accountable by anyone but myself. And I'm always adding a new goal/s throughout the year, always room for improvement :)

    I'm with you on getting organized, I've been working on that this month. We've taken a lot to good will, and if feels great to get rid of some clutter!

    I'm so jealous of your nearly empty plane, that hasn't happened to me in a long time. What I wouldn't give for the extra space and not being crammed next to some germy person.

  9. I like the idea of just one goal. It makes it way more attainable. Good luck getting organized, that is so hard to do, but feels SO good when it's done!

  10. Comment love!!!! I need to get organized too--I'm a mess!

  11. Good for you! :) I like the one-goal idea. I found a book that I LOVE love love about organizing. It's called "It's Here... Somewhere" and it's fantastic. Lots of great ideas about how to store things (most very clever!), and how to gut those sneaky, cluttered hiding places. The part I like the most, though, is that it's organized into different parts of your house - so you can just turn to whatever room/area you want to tackle, and get lots of great advice/instruction for just that part of your house.
    GOOD LUCK with everything. I'm excited about your trip to NY, too -- that's going to be so wonderful, even in the winter. Good for you for doing so many exciting and adventurous things! :)
    Love you! Miss you! Sending a hug!


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