Thursday, November 29, 2007

BYU Baby!

Once again, I have full bragging rights for a year! Woo-hoo! For those of you who don't know, we have a full-blown rivalry in our house around this time of year especially, because I cheer for BYU and Stephen cheers for the U. Since we both attended those colleges, it does make sense that we're divided like that, and Stephen's also been a Ute fan his whole life. Since I buy all of Kirsten's clothes, I had a great time at the BYU bookstore while we were in Utah and bought BYU clothes for her. Look how happy she is in her baby BYU outfit!

We watched the game with several of Stephen's friends from high school (all of whom are Utah fans) and I had to cheer for BYU all by myself. Chance and Levi were telling me I dressed Kirsten in the wrong colors. It felt great to prove them wrong at the end of the game! Kirsten was BYU's little good luck charm.

Here's BYU's smallest fan (at least, the smallest one I've ever seen).

Go Cougars!
And there's our divided family. I told Stephen he's lucky I don't gloat too much, because if his team had won he would have been much more annoying about it than I am! The good thing is I have another year now to bug him about BYU beating those Utes.


  1. That is too funny, I didn't know you two rooted for different teams! I bet that made the game about 100 times more fun because it was also a "spousal rivalry." Kirsten's clothes were darling!!

  2. Ok Miss Ashley---Your little daughter is adorable---and Go Cougars!


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