Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm so thankful for so much! I'm thankful for all the people and things that bring joy and happiness to my life. The list is endless, but definitely includes my awesome husband, beautiful baby, wonderful family members and friends, my pets, the beautiful place where we live, and the wonders of the world and life in general. My life truly is an adventure, and so far I'm thankful to have lived it to such a full extent! I only hope I can continue to do so, and to try to bless others' lives as much as they have blessed mine.

We went back to Salt Lake City for Thanksgiving, to see Stephen's family. We had such a fun trip, and we got to see so many friends who I've missed so much. I'll post more pictures from the trip later, but here are some of Kirsten with the Veater side of the family. Everyone loved her, of course!

Kirsten and Grandma Veater

With Stephen's Aunt Ruth and cousin Jazzy

With Stephen's Aunt Bernadette and cousin Jennifer

With Kirsten's Aunt Mary


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