Monday, November 19, 2007

Just Call Him Trouble

Here are our two kitties, Tigger and Herbie, sleeping together in our recliner chair. Don't they just look so peaceful and innocent? Not so! Herbie (the black and white one) is the sweetest kitty in the world, but also the most mischievous. As a kitten, he climbed the Christmas tree, a wall hanging, the harp with the cover over it, and pretty much anything else he could possibly get to. He chewed up our phone cord, and his favorite thing is to get inside any cardboard box and chew up the box. He's like a puppy! He recently discovered a new naughty thing to play with... we found two tomatoes on the floor with teeth marks in them. He actually took the tomatoes out of the fruit bowl and played with them! Who would think that a cat would want to bite and play with tomatoes??


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