Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kirsten's Half Birthday!

On November 13'th, Kirsten turned 6 months old!

Some things she loves this month:

-Playing in the Jumperoo. She used to just sit in it and not do much, but now she bounces a lot in it and is much more interested in all the toys. It's cute to watch her!

-She's getting more interested in all toys. She plays with them more forcefully, and flaps her arms up and down when she gets excited. We bought her this farm set for her six month birthday present, and she loves it!

-Chewing on anything! Everything she can grab goes straight to her mouth now, including her feet. She likes them better without socks though. She's teething, but the teeth haven't quite broken through yet.

-She also loves to roll. She might be one of those babies who rolls wherever they want to go instead of crawls, because she hasn't started scooting yet. She just rolls and rolls, across the whole floor if she wants to!

Some things she hates this month:
-Photographers. Sadly, she gets scared at portrait sittings, and usually bursts into tears very quickly. Forget about smiling, we're lucky if she even looks semi-happy.
-Random "scary" sounds, like pulling packing tape off boxes, loud crinklings of plastic bags, and putting the blinds up or down. Those sounds make her squeal and cry. The odd thing is she's not bothered by louder sounds like the vacuum, flushing toilets, and the garage door shutting.
-Being left alone in a room (yes, we still have to rock her to sleep. Every time.)


  1. That kills me that she's so sensitive to funny sounds! Packing tape off boxes? What a funny girl! I love that her hair is getting more and more wild as she gets bigger. Haha, what are you going to do!?!?

  2. I'm so glad Kirsten's not afraid of plastic bags anymore.

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