Saturday, November 17, 2007

Butternut Squash!

Kirsten had her first try with pureed butternut squash last week! She actually ate nothing or almost nothing of it, but it was fun to see her so excited to go for the spoon and taste that funny orange stuff. And it made for some great pictures.
She's ready for food!
I love how big her eyes are as she goes for it.

She was pretty happy at first to be eating big-person food.

But then she got a little upset...

I used to make a kissy lips face like this when I was a baby too. She just started doing it, and it's really funny.

So she's not doing much with eating real solids yet, but it's fun to experiment and see her reactions!


  1. Oh man, that kiss-kiss face is so cute! First foods are such a blast. Their reactions are classic!

  2. I just love seeing their sweet little faces go totally sour while trying something new! So cute!


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