Tuesday, December 4, 2007

So much has changed!

It's so crazy to look at Kirsten's newborn pictures and think about how much has changed in six months. She really doesn't look like the same baby at all to me! I'm amazed at how much she has already learned. When she was born, all she knew how to do was cry, sleep, and erratically wave her arms and legs. She seemed so fragile, and I was always afraid I was going to accidentally hurt her. I somehow survived the first two months of her life without doing any permanent damage to her or myself, but it's a miracle!

This picture was taken just a few minutes after she was born.
At two and a half months old

And now, six months old! Kirsten has changed in pretty much every way from that first picture. Stephen and I have changed too, although the changes are much less dramatic. We've learned that our needs don't come first anymore, and how to care for a tiny human being more than we ever thought possible.
Some new skills I've learned over the last six months:
-How to change a diaper quickly and wrap up the used one so nothing gets out
-Giving a slippery baby a bath... much harder than you'd think!
-How to make my face and voice seem happy and enthusiastic, even if I'm dead tired and frustrated
-Re-learned the words to childhood songs I'd forgotten
-Breastfeeding... the hardest part!!!
-How to maneuver a stroller through a store without knocking stuff over
-Pumping... enough said
-The fine art of rocking a baby to sleep
-How to carry an infant seat, diaper bag, and several grocery bags up two flights of stairs in the rain while keeping the baby dry and warm
-And most recently... how to spoon feed a baby who gets most of the food on her face and clothes

I'm really excited for all the new changes that will come as Kirsten learns more and gains new skills!


  1. Awww, love the sentiments! You definitely do become more talented with motherhood for sure. Kirsten definitely has changed and keeps getting cuter, if that is possible! She already is so stinkin' cute!!

  2. the two flights of stairs with all those bags while keeping the baby dry and warm is most impressive.


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