Monday, December 10, 2007

Let It Snow!

Last weekend, we got snow in Seattle and it was Gorgeous!!! Stephen thinks I'm crazy to love the snow, but since I grew up in southern California and never saw it I'm still fascinated by the snow. And no, I didn't get sick of it while I was in Utah. Although I don't like driving in it, I can't think of many things more beautiful than falling snow. And what amazes me is the complete silence of the snow. It's just so quiet! It started snowing on a Saturday, the same day we got our Christmas tree, and I was afraid it would rain and just be all gone the next day. But when I got up with Kirsten the next morning and opened the drapes, I was so happy to see the snow still falling in big flakes! So I sat by the sliding glass door with Kirsten and we just watched the snow fall for awhile. It put me in the perfect Christmasey mood to decorate the tree that night!

The flakes were pretty big!

Big blue eyes and such long hair

Herbie watched the snow with us too.

It did rain later that day so all the snow was gone by Monday, but it was so beautiful while it lasted!

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  1. I adore those pictures!!! I am shocked, those are really big, globs of snow falling, wow. Kirsten's hair looks like it's lightening up a lot. Her "roots" are so light!!


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