Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Ornament Traditions

Every year at Christmastime, my mom had a tradition of giving me and my brother a new ornament for the tree. Sometimes she made them and sometimes she bought them, and it was always so fun. I loved being able to put my own ornaments up on the tree, and I always looked forward to seeing them every year. Now that I have my own Christmas tree, it's wonderful to have tons of different ornaments that I've collected over the years. I also try to find Christmas ornaments when I travel, because I love how they bring back the memories from the places I've been. I have ornaments on our tree from France, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, England, Hawaii, St. Thomas, and several other places as well. I really want to continue the tradition for my kids, so I already bought Kirsten's ornament for this year. Kirsten likes looking at all the lights on the tree, and thankfully she's not trying to get into the tree yet.


  1. You're lucky Kirsten isn't moving around yet. The other day I heard a CRASH from the living room only to come in and find Lilly innocently standing by a toppled over Christmas tree and 100 shattered tree ornaments. Grr.

  2. My mom does the same for the grandkids. We had to buy ornaments for our tree but we did get one as a wedding present that says "Our First Christmas." Very creative and useful gift! Btw, I didn't know you traveled so much! Lucky girl!


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