Monday, April 27, 2009

The New Big Sister

Little Kirsten is a big sister now! I think she's so lucky, because I always wanted a sister and never got one. And how does Kirsten feel about it? Well, she likes sitting in the new baby's bouncy seat. . .
Other than that, she's kind of freaked out. She mostly ignores the baby when she's sleeping or being quiet, and she gets really scared when Natalie cries. It's not really a surprise to me, since Kirsten has been scared of other babies' and toddlers' cries for awhile now. So, when Natalie cries it makes Kirsten cry too and cling onto someone. We're hoping she gets used to Natalie sometime soon!

Here's Kirsten with the new bunk bed. She won't be sleeping in it yet, not until she wants to, but she likes to play in it!
She loves it when people hide under the bed and pop out to scare her. And she's having such a great time playing in the bedroom with Grandma.
She also likes to play in the baby's jungle play mat. Kirsten always loved it as a baby, and she still gets a kick out of it!
Baby Kirsten in the jungle.
Thank goodness she has Grandma to play with while I'm taking care of the baby! But what's going to happen when Grandma goes home? I don't really want to think about that yet. . .
See, who wouldn't love a Grandma who uses diapers as hats???
So who else had a rough time when their only child became a big brother or sister? How long did it take them to get used to the changes?


  1. First: that is sooooooooo wonderful that your mom is there to help you!!!!!!!! that is one big huge lifesaver!!!!!

    Second: poor Kirsten... being so sensitive to the baby's cries. :( that is so sad.. and i know it breaks your heart. I think she will get used to it... i think :O i hope.

    Third: When Jacob was born... libby was really HAPPY about having a little brother for the first week.... but then, it was not so easy. And they are 4 years apart! So i can't imagine your situation with them being closer together in age. But she was having to still get used to having a Daddy that took up a lot of MOMMY'S TIME... and then just a year later she has a BROTHER that is taking up MORE OF MOMMY'S TIME.

    so it was hard to balance... but we all got the hang of it. The next year she started Kindergarten and that really helped. Because i got Jacob on a schedule of taking his longest Nap right when Libby would get home from school. So i would have a good 2-3 hours with her and her alone when she got home.

    That really helped a lot.

    I think you will need to find something, somehow to make sure you get to spend atleast and hour or two a day with Kirsten UNINTERRUPTED. and that will help.

  2. Oh my goodness, your mom is awesome, what funny pictures!!!!!! I wondered how Kirsten would take this new adjustment. I really didn't expect her to cry at her own sister's cries though...poor thing!!! Do they ever nap at the same time?? Hopefully you can tweak it someday so their naps are at the same time so you can get a little break!!! I'm sure this is only the beginning of Kirsten's "baby" stage...hehe! :)

  3. Katrina used to bite Christopher when I wasn't looking. Not a real hard bite, just kind of tasting him. Other than that, she loved having a living doll to play with. Maybe it helped that she was only 15 months old and didn't really have too much time being an only child? Who knows!

  4. Oh Aunt Kathy! What a fun grandma, and a lucky person you are to have her help! I am sure Kirsten will adjust and come to adore Natalie!!

  5. Our oldest was not quite 2 when his baby brother was born. When we brought him home from the hospital, he started crying and wanted nothing to do with the baby. I don't think he ever even held him once. But eventually he got used to it after a month or two and was fine with it. Now they are really close and best friends! I hope Kirsten adjusts soon... I'm sure she will. :)

  6. i seriously have no good advice. rachel adjusted well to emma so we have not had to deal with this situation. but at least she does not dislike natalie. that is always a good thing.

  7. Your mom looks like she is having as much fun as Kirsten! What a fun Grandma! I love the picture with your mom under the bunk bed playing with Kirsten!

  8. It took Spiderman about 3 months to really adjust to the Hulk, but he was a little younger than Kirsten.

    And as for when your mom leaves, DO NOT HESITATE to call a friend to watch Kirsten for a morning! I'm sure you have plenty of friends who've offered to help -- take them up on it. Seriously, Ashley. I'd kidnap Kirsten every other day if I lived near you!

  9. Um, hm. Honestly, I was so sleep-deprived, I don't remember much how it was any more.... Is that good news or bad? :)

    (Doodle was a day-sleeper, night-waker, too.)

  10. SUPER adorable!!! I'm jealous of all the hair your babies have!

  11. I got postpartum depression bad and that was one of the things that always made me cry was the guilt of not being able to spend as much time with each. It is really hard but now that Brodix is six months I feel that it has gotten alot easier. Just let daddy help and be aware of your feelings. Happy pills help when you need them


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