Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hospital Play-by-Play #2

7:45 PM - Ashley is at 3 centimeters and -1 station...I'm sure all you ladies that have had babies know what that means and if you're a guy and you know what "-1 station" means, then you're probably a doctor...or just have too much time. Ashley didn't even know what it means and I'm a guy that has too much time on his hands or just remembered from our birthing class we took when Ashley was pregnant with Kirsten. Doctor said that she is good for an epidural.

8:08 PM - Epidural is administered and life is good.

8:55 PM - Ashley wanted me to update everyone. I can't really refuse a pregnant wife about to give birth.

9:13 PM - Doctor broke Ashley's water. Last time they broke Ashley's water, the labor moved really quickly.

We hope that the new baby will be born soon. All this waiting is boring (Ashley's words verbatim)!

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  1. Hopefully in the morning we will see your new gorgeous baby daughter. Bless your heart Ashley! You will be in my prayers tonight.


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