Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hospital Play-by-Play

Since Ashley is currently hooked up to IVs and the such, I'll (Stephen...Ashley's husband) be taken over the steering wheel and writing a post. Thought I would do a quick time line recapping our day where maybe our new daughter will be born. Here it goes:

6:30 AM - Came and went with no phone call. It is a nice 55 degree day outside.

10:30 AM - Received phone call from hospital telling us to "Come on down".
12:15 PM - Checked into hospital. Room #331. Nurse's name is Donna. She is a nice lady.

1:30 PM - Started the "juice" aka Pitocin.

2:30 PM - My sweet (and extremely humble) husband brought me some flowers, balloon, and a teddy bear.

3:00 PM - Turned up the Pitocin since there were not any contractions. Baby doesn't want to come out.

4:00 PM - Started to watch Lost (Season 4 'Cabin Fever'). Move the Island Locke!
6:30 PM - Contractions are coming and Ashley is starting to feel a little bit more uncomfortable.
6:45 PM - The changing of the guards. Donna went home and Aubrey is the new nurse until tomorrow morning. Hopefully, the baby will come before then.

Not exactly sure when I'll have time to make another post, but there will be a separate post later on with more details.


  1. thanks for the updates - we'll stay tuned. We love Lost, what a good way to pass the time. Jon and I also did MadLibs

  2. you are a sweeet husband to keep us all informed!!!
    Tell her that SHE IS IN MY PRAYERS!!!!!

    and give her all the back rubs and massages she desires :)

  3. Good job on the post, Stephen! Mr. T and I are very excited for your family!

  4. Ashley, you look so cute in that hospital bed photo; it seems wrong somehow for you to look that cute when you're in labor! =)


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