Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve was lots of fun! Kirsten's too young to understand what it is yet, but I dressed her in her Christmas jammies and Mickey Mouse Santa hat and took some pictures of her by the tree. She loved taking the ornaments off!
We learned all kinds of things this year about celebrating Christmas with a toddler who's too young to understand Christmas or Santa Clause. I have to say. . . I'm excited for next year, when she'll actually be excited too!

Lesson #1: Don't hang any ornaments you care about on the bottom half of the tree. Even if you don't think she can reach them, she probably can!

I set up her cute presents around the tree. . .

Stuffed the stockings with care. . .
And then discovered on Christmas morning. . .
Lesson #2: Don't expect your toddler to care about the presents you put so much thought into. At least we got some cute Christmas morning pictures on the stairs!

We opened our stockings first. . .

And then all the presents!!!

Lesson #3: Enjoy the fact that even though she doesn't light up with joy about her presents, at least she's not making mile-long lists of toys she wants and changing her mind at the last minute.

We really did have a wonderful Christmas! And we're so grateful to everyone who helped to make it so great. For all of you who sent us cards or gifts. . . Thank you! We love you!


  1. Yesterday my eight year old was complaining this was the first year she DIDN't get a Holiday Barbie. (GEEZ, who spoiled her?) Just be glad your baby is still loving the toys, because she will soon be making a list of things she wants!

  2. I love the reindeer outfit. She's so adorable. Happy New Year!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! Those PJ's are so fun!!! I love all the presents and totally agree on all your lessons, haha!

  4. I want that Panda! :) and the reindeer jammies are top notch. I don't think Kirsten can get any cuter but she probably will! So cute!

  5. OMG...cutest little reindeer ever! She is adorable in that costume. What a beautiful Christmas you had!

  6. love the pajamas!

    next year will be neat seeing pics of the Veater Family of Four!!!

  7. Great pics!!! El was like ehhhh whats next...brat! LOL

  8. Could she be any cuter looking at the tree and walking down the stairs?! Can I borrow her? Just on a temporary basis :) hee hee

  9. you guys are tv family-cute!

  10. What a fun fun Christmas!! Your tree looks fabulous and I love Kirsten's reindeer outfit!! I bought a new-born sized one for my little girl, Marianne Grace. So fun! (I left her name off my blog because it's not private)

  11. the pictures are fantastic, and it looks like you rocked an awesome Christmas. I'll take note of the the lessons, for future preventions!!

  12. Looks like you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New year!


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