Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday Travel Talk

Venice, Italy!

I seriously loved Venice. It was one of our stops on my Europe study abroad program, and we only spent about two days here. There really is no place like it in the world... a whole city built on canals and waterways with not a single car or vehicle. It's SO unique and amazing.
Here I am in front of the St. Mark's Cathedral. It was gorgeous! Yes, the pigeons really were everywhere but none of them landed on me.Venice was one of the easiest cities to get lost in I've ever seen, since all the streets are narrow and twisting and you just can walk forever through the little streets and have no idea where you are. But it also doesn't matter. It's wonderful to get lost in Venice, because you never know what will be around the next little corner. We eventually always made our way back to the Grand Canal anyway, even if we had no idea how we got there.
This picture is in front of the Doge's Palace.
I didn't buy any of the touristy Carneval masks that they sell absolutely everywhere there. The streets and canals are lined with tiny shops and booths and it's really fun to browse through them. My favorite things I bought in Venice are my blown glass Christmas tree ornaments. Venice blown glass is so beautiful, and they are always some of my favorite ornaments on my tree every year.
We did take a famed gondola ride. If you want it to be anything close to cheap, definitely fit as many people in the boat as you can and split the cost. The gondoliers typically charge per boat ride, not per person. Taking a gondola ride with five girls was definitely not romantic, but it was fun. Our gondolier didn't sing to us though. I don't think any of them really do.
I will go back to Venice again someday for sure! I think two days is a good amount of time to spend there, because you can see everything you want to see within that time. Next time I want my gondola ride to be romantic!


  1. I love the picture with the pigeons. It makes me want to run through them all screaming.

  2. My gondolier tried to make it romantic for me, but I was still on my mission! He even told me to leave my mom and the hotel and to come join a gondolier for an unforgettable night. My mom understood him enough and said "yeah, Stace. We'll stay at the hotel and you can come take a romantic ride out."


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