Thursday, March 13, 2008

10 Months Old!

Kirsten is 10 months old today! This past month, we have seen some HUGE changes, including a lot of the milestones I was waiting for her to hit.
This month's new milestones:
A few days after her 9 month birthday was when she started to crawl up on her hands and knees, and she's gotten very good at it by now!
-Getting herself into the sitting position (and kneeling too by now)
-Pulling up to stand on furniture, her crib, and other things
-Consistently sleeping through the night. She will often sleep for 12 hours straight. It's an amazing thing!Her favorite things to do this month:
-Exploring! She's getting braver every day, and will often crawl into the kitchen or a bathroom or another room even when I'm not in it.
-Climbing up the stairs. She goes all the way to the top.
-Going to new places, like stores or restaurants with lots of bright lights.
Her greatest delights:
-Crawling away from me when I'm trying to change her diaper or her outfit
-Being able to hold the remote control, phone, keys, or my wallet
-People clapping and saying "Yay!"
-Being tickled
Things she really hates this month:
-Having her hair pulled or put into pigtails (that one never changes)
-Getting her face wiped off after eating
-People not paying attention to her
-Having to sit still... at all!

Kirsten pulls herself up to stand on most things lately, and one of her favorites is this Fisher Price Superstar Stage. She loves making it light up and play music.
This is another one of Kirsten's greatest delights... the monkey puppet from some of the Baby Einstein videos. I found it earlier this month in a consignment shop for $2, and it was $2 very well spent. I keep it in the diaper bag, and I call it the Magic Cry-Stopper because it seriously works almost all the time. I pull out this puppet and put it on my hand, and even in mid-cry she'll laugh and start smiling. Who knew??
Things she doesn't do yet:
-Clapping and waving. I've been working on those with her, but no luck so far.
-Stand up by herself, without holding onto something. Her balance is definitely improving though!
-Climb down the stairs. She still thinks she can dive down them head-first.
-Chew food very well.
Kirsten's ninth month has been really amazing. It's so cute to watch her crawl, and to see all the new things she's learning how to do. I love this age!


  1. What a beautiful baby and cute blog!

  2. What a big girl! Almost a year old...can you believe it?

  3. I love her *popping* blue eyes! That puppet is hilarious! Our "magic cry stopper" is the bathroom mirror. Anytime we stood our girls in front of the mirror, tears immediately ceased and they were mesmerized with themselves!


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