Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kirsten's First Easter!

Easter Sunday in Seattle was rainy and a little cold, so we didn't get to take any pictures outside by pretty spring flowers. But we took Kirsten to church in her cute little Easter dress, and then just took a picture inside our house. I put together this Easter basket for Kirsten. I knew she wouldn't understand or care about it yet, but I still wanted to get some books and little stuffed animals for her.
Stephen's basket was more "manly" I guess, with a new wallet and a microphone for the Rock Band game.
I was excited to make our big Easter dinner, with a baked ham, cheesy scalloped potatoes, and glazed carrots. It turned out very yummy! Easter is one holiday that I don't get very into decorating for. I don't cover the house with bunnies or flowers or anything like that. So this was pretty much the extent of my Easter decor on our table. A bouquet of fresh flowers would have been a nice touch, but I sure love those little Dove chocolate eggs!
Kirsten could not have cared less about her Easter basket. She tossed the cute little stuffed animals aside, and all she cared about was sucking on the plastic eggs. So much for her nice basket! She only wanted the eggs!
Oh well. At least we got a cute picture of her with her Easter basket. That's all that matters at this age, really.
Herbie the cat was much more interested in the basket than Kirsten was. He climbed into the basket, curled up, and tried to chew the handle. We had to take the basket away from him and hide it!
Stephen went to the Build-A-Bear workshop and made this adorable Easter bunny for Kirsten. I'm sure she'll love it when she gets a little older. She smiles at stuffed animals, but doesn't care about playing with them yet.
We had a little egg hunt with our friends. They hid eggs for us downstairs, and we hid eggs for them upstairs. Each egg had a clue about where to go for the next one. It was fun!
Here's Oscar with the grand prizes at the end of the egg hunts... new games! Rook, Life, and a crazy new game called Killer Bunnies. Very Easter-appropriate!
Even though it was rainy, we had a really wonderful Easter Sunday!


  1. That's sounds really fun! Savanna got that *exact* bunny at Build-a-Bear! How funny. Herbie is hilarious, that's a great picture.

  2. I love the picture of the cat in the basket!

  3. I've heard that Killer Bunny game is fun! Cute pictures and brings back the days when I just had one live wire baby girl.

  4. Awww! You all had a GREAT Easter! I love the picture of the CAT in the basket! SWEEET~!


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