Saturday, March 1, 2008


I just LOVE these pictures of Kirsten in the baby swings. It was her first time in them and she loved it! She smiled and squealed, especially when I pushed her in them.We went to a really pretty park in Kirkland, and it was such a gorgeous day with blue skies and the sun sparkling on the waters of Lake Washington.
Wheee! I really didn't push her very high, but this shot makes it look like she was swinging way up high. I love that excited look on her face.
Our friend Zoya was in the other baby swing. It seems like all babies just love swings. I will definitely do this again!


  1. Those pictures are great especially with the lighting!

  2. Wow Ashley,

    THis is Mike, I haven't seen you for forever. And guess what, I am in the Navy and have about a year and a half until my first enlistment is over. Guess where I am living. Escondido. Funny huh. Joining the Navy has lead me straight back to home. Another funny thing is I had no idea you lived in Seattle. Our ship was in Seattle last year for a few days. I loved it! It was so much fun. I love the northwest you are so lucky! I have been married to Samantha Gilger, now Samantha Raadgep for almost two years now. Wow, can you believe it, two years! I am such a lucky man to have her. She is so supportive. Congratulations on your little girl, she is gorgeous! Samantha are trying but the Lord has seen fit for us to wait a little longer, that's okay though we have nothing but time. I have to say one thing. Looking at your blog on fast sunday is a mistake... With the Ice cream cake, and the black angus dinner, thanks a lot...!!! j/k It was good seeing some recent photos of you, you look so good and happy. I am happy for you! Take care Ashley!

  3. Those are such cute pictures! I love swings with babies. We used to push Savanna SOOOO high, we even got scolded by an old Asian grandma once because she thought we would kill her but Savanna loved it!

  4. Ashely!
    I found you through Brooke's blog! How exciting! I am finding lost of people lately through this little blogging system! Your little girl is so adorable! Those blue eyes are to die for! Hope all is going well!

  5. Hey Ash, my e-mail is

    Give me a note sometime!



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