Thursday, March 6, 2008

Beautiful Snoqualmie Falls!

We love Snoqualmie Falls! Last weekend we went on a nice drive there and took our friend Chance with us. Check out that scenery!Snoqualmie Falls is the biggest waterfall I've ever seen. It's located about a half hour drive from us, so we've been there several times and usually take people when they visit from out of town. We actually went there with both our moms the day before Kirsten was born!
Kirsten has been there before, but she was so little she didn't pay any attention. This was the first time she actually was interested in watching the waterfall and she thought it was pretty fascinating.
I love that it's getting easier to take Kirsten places as she gets older. Now she's awake longer in between naps, eats less frequently, and is much more interested in seeing different things. I'm excited to take her lots more places this summer!
Such a happy girl!


  1. That top pic of your fam is seriously SOOO cute and you look so skinny and cute! It almost looks like it was digitally created, it's that good. That looks like such a fun outing. :)

  2. Oh yeah, and Kirsten looks incredibly darling in every picture!!!

  3. Hey ashley they are $10 each -- Email me and let me know which one you are liking ---

    Glad you like them - they are selling like hotcakes here in rexburg - there around 300 babies born here each month - Crazy huh!


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