Thursday, December 6, 2007

Age of Technology

If we have Kirsten on our lap while we're on the computer, she likes to put her hands on the keyboard just like we do. It's pretty fascinating to her I guess! She typed her first Instant Message the other day, and it looked something like this:
, , , ,

She can mostly just press the spacebar, and doesn't hit anything else hard enough to make it show up on the screen. I sure never did that much when I was a baby though! The first time I ever remember using a computer was on those old Apple computers at the Elementary School library, when Oregon Trail was the newest, coolest game. I loved Oregon Trail! When I was older we had that game at home and I played it over and over. I even remember getting bored playing it the normal way, so to change it up I would name all the family members after kids at school I didn't like, and then see how fast I could finish them off. Pretty awful, huh?


  1. That's funny, Oregon Trail is definitely a Classic. Yeah, it can be frustrating typing when you're trying to write or IM. I was IMing my sister and Lilly kept pressing enter in the middle of my sentances. Kooky kids!

  2. Me too. I loved killing off enemies.


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