Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Old Town Mexican Cafe

Living in Seattle, we are seriously Mexican food-deprived. It's not that there aren't any Mexican restaurants up here. There are tons. But out of the ones we've tried so far, nothing has stood out as being very awesome. We've tried some okay Mexican food in the Seattle area, but nothing that makes us really want to go back there again. At least whenever I visit San Diego I can go to my favorite Mexican restaurant... the Old Town Mexican Cafe! Old Town has a lot of good Mexican restaurants and I have tried others, but I keep coming back to this one because it simply is the best. I usually can't say much for the service there, but the food is so amazing! Here's the group... Stephen and me, Brandon, Carrie and Chris, Alyssa, Silver, (and Jakob was taking the picture). If you've ever been to Old Town San Diego, you'll recognize this restaurant because it's the one with the huge crowds always waiting outside and the one with the ladies making tortillas in the window. I almost always order a chicken taco and a cheese crisp quesadilla, and they're awesome because of the homemade tortillas. Go tortilla ladies!

Until I get to go back to San Diego, my mouth will be watering just thinking about eating here again. I miss it!


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