Monday, January 21, 2008

First Trip To See Santa

This is the last Christmas picture, I promise! I hadn't planned on taking Kirsten to see Santa this year, because I honestly thought she would get really scared and cry immediately. But when I was at the mall up here in Seattle finishing my Christmas shopping, there was no line to see Santa so I figured why not try it? And I was amazed, because she wasn't scared at all! I got a cute picture out of it, and she didn't even get traumatized like she did at the photo studio when she was six months old. I was so shocked! After the picture was taken she just turned around and looked at him, and reached towards his face to touch his beard.

So here is Kirsten and Santa, at her first Christmas at seven months old.

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  1. What a cute picture! Truly, that Santa looks like he came straight out of a movie.


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