Sunday, January 13, 2008

8 Months Old!!!

Kirsten is 8 months old today!

Her big new accomplishment this month:
Sitting up by herself! It started while we were in California for Christmas, and all these pictures were taken there. Now when we sit her up on the floor, she'll stay there for a long time and play with toys. She's getting very good at reaching for things, picking up toys, and dropping them and picking up new ones, all while keeping her balance in the sitting position. It's made bathing her much easier too!
Her favorite things this month:
Dropping things from the high chair or stroller and watching while I pick them up, Sesame Street (always a favorite, especially Elmo), being tickled, songs, snuggling up with her blankets while she's falling asleep, and holding onto our hands while we help her stand up.
Things she really hates this month:
Having her face and hands wiped off after eating solid foods (she cries every time!), trying to crawl but ending up scooting backwards instead, anything that pulls her hair even a tiny bit, getting a bib put on her (probably because it pulls her hair), falling asleep at church, and being stuck in the car seat when she'd rather be moving around.
Things she can't quite do yet:
-Crawl, although she's always trying!
-Get herself into the sitting position
-Pull herself up on things
-Fall asleep completely on her own
She also has no teeth yet! It's crazy that she's already 8 months old, and it's true that it does go by pretty quickly. But I'm not sad that she's getting older. I'm excited, because I love to see her learn new things and hit new milestones. What will be next? It's fun to guess!

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  1. It's so cute seeing her sit up by herself. :) No worries, Savanna was almost 9 months when she cut her first tooth. Those soggy biter biscuit things became the favorite with soft gums.


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