Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas Morning!

Kirsten's first Christmas was so much fun! Of course she didn't understand anything and couldn't unwrap presents, but it was still great to unwrap the presents for her and see her reactions to the toys. Here's Kirsten by the Christmas tree with one present....
And lots of presents!

I didn't take a picture with all the toys she got, but here are a few...
I fell in love with this Rodney the Reindeer from Hallmark, which is a bigger and updated version of the one I've had since I was little. He even had a Rodney the Reindeer book, which I also bought and gave her.
She always loves any toy from the Rainforest collection.
She's starting to like books more than she used to. They capture her interest a little bit, but not as much as other things.
We all got fun toys to play with this year, including me and Stephen. We gave each other Guitar Hero III and Dance Dance Revolution, and we had a blast playing those for the whole vacation.
So we all had a Merry Christmas! I'm always so sad when Christmas ends and the holiday season is over until next year.

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  1. Kirsten has the cutest Christmas clothes! The icicles on your tree look awesome, I love how pretty they make it. Congrats on getting DDR and happy dancing! :)


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