Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We're New Homeowners!

It's official! Last Friday we got our keys and became owners of our new home! It's really exciting, and now this week is moving week and SO busy. Here's me with Kirsten holding my new house key.

We're becoming master painters too! Well, sort of. We're not painting every wall in the house, and some will just stay white. Stephen is hard at work painting our living room walls a light brown color. We also have an accent wall in a darker brown.

Here I am working on our green entryway. I'm getting pretty good at paint touch-up now. Since I'm prone to spilling and dropping things, I have to be constantly thinking about it while I'm painting so I don't drop the brush or spill paint all over everything. I've seen too many movies and TV shows where stuff like that happens!

And Kirsten just sleeps peacefully in her car seat the whole time we're painting. Yeah, right! Thankfully, my mom's in town and can help watch her and play with her, because moments like the one in this picture are few and far between!


  1. I remember Stephen painting. I can even remember the smell of the paint.

  2. I love the shot of Kirsten in the pumpkin


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