Friday, October 12, 2007

Tears at the Orthodontist

We had a small trauma on Monday. I took Kirsten with me to the orthodontist to be fitted for new retainers (since my teeth moved when I lost my old ones. Darn those teeth!) Kirsten was sitting on my lap and having a great time watching all the curious things in the dentist's office. But when they took the impressions for my top teeth and I had the big metal thing sticking out of my mouth for a few minutes, Kirsten took one look and burst into tears! It was so sad, she just started sobbing. I had to hold her for a few minutes and calm her down after they took it out. I guess it just scared her to see that weird thing sticking out of Mommy's mouth! She's such a sweetheart.

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  1. Poor thing. With the obscured vision they have at that age she probably thought mommy had turned into a monster.
    I had an acid reflux test done and had a tube sticking out of my nose for a whole day. My cousin's little girl, Dominique, who normally loved me, would not talk to me and would turn away if I looked at her. And she was several years older than Kirsten.


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