Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fun Info About Me (Hopefully)

My friend Rachel did this on her blog and "tagged" me, so here goes!

What I Was Doing Ten Years Ago:

Of course I can't remember exactly, but in October 1997 I was 15 and dying to be 16! My greatest joys in life during that year were going to stake dances, youth activities with my ward, young women's, daydreaming about boys, hanging out with friends, and talking on the phone. I also played my harp a lot that year for weddings.

What I Was Doing Five Years Ago:
In October of 2002, I was a BYU student and loving it. Of course I was constantly busy with homework, tests, classes, and working too but I always balanced it out with classes and activities that I loved. I sang with the BYU Women's Chorus, took ballroom dance class, had lots of fun with my roommate Carrie, and dated up a storm.

One Year Ago:
I was moving! (Hmm, sounds a little familiar) I was actually working at a travel agency in Sandy, Utah and starting to pack up for our big move from Salt Lake City to Seattle. I was in the first trimester of pregnancy, so I was pretty sick in the mornings and getting up early for work was pure torture!

It was a busy day! We did the walk-through of our new townhouse, which took over 3 hours but it was exciting and the place looks so fantastic! We also signed our life away on the mortgage papers, and I ran some much-needed errands.

Five Snacks I enjoy:
Cheese Nips
Halloween Oreos (I don't know why they're better than normal ones, but they are!)
Quaker Granola Bars
Chocolate, in any form
Apple slices

Five Things I Would Do With a Million Dollars:
Travel, travel, and more travel!
Buy some amazing furniture for our new home
Pay off our student loans and put a huge chunk towards our mortgage
Go on a fun shopping spree
Buy a nice piano

Five Places I Would Love to Go:
South America (Brazil, Peru, and Argentina especially)
Ireland and Scotland

Five TV Shows I Like:
American Idol
The Office
Amazing Race
So You Think You Can Dance

Five Things I Hate Doing:
Getting up early
Taking out the trash
Going to the DMV for anything
Seeing a spider in my house

Five Biggest Joys of the Moment:
Gorgeous fall weather and leaves
Seeing Kirsten smile and hearing her laugh
Lighting Pumpkin Spice candles every night
The beginning of the holiday season
Becoming a homeowner (no more rent!)

Five People that I Tag:
EVERYONE on my blog list :)

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  1. I'm pretty much identical with you on the what to do with a million dollars (minus the mortgage), and the 5 TV shows (different order though).


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