Thursday, October 11, 2007

Harp Job in Bellingham

Last Saturday I played the harp for a wedding up in Bellingham, which is about an hour and a half north from us and very close to the Canadian border. It was the furthest north both Stephen and I (and Kirsten!) have ever been so far. I didn't know this before, but Seattle is actually further north than Michigan or even Maine. I always pictured Maine as the furthest north mainland state, but I was wrong!
The wedding went well, but it was very long. I played an hour before the ceremony, all the ceremony music, and then the cocktail hour. Stephen had to try to keep Kirsten fed, changed, and happy for that whole time. Unfortunately, Kirsten had a pretty sad day. She wasn't happy that she had to be away from home for such a long day. She's usually good for short trips now, but long ones like that are hard for her. Stephen did manage to get a few pictures of her when she was happy though. Here she is with her favorite stuffed animal, the giraffe.


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