Sunday, October 21, 2007

Power Outage!

On Thursday we had a big wind storm in the area, and we lost electricity in our apartment from about 5 pm until 9 pm! I always loved losing power as a kid, but it's a little tough with a baby. I had already packed up all of our candles except for one, so I got Kirsten out of the house and we headed to the store for candles along with a whole bunch of other people. At least it wasn't already dark when the power first went out, so I had some light from the windows to gather up her stuff. So we bought candles, went out to eat, then came home and I lit all of them. It was really pretty fun! Kirsten was fascinated by the firelight and immediately reached out and wanted to touch it. I'm glad the power came back on when it did, but it was a fun little adventure!


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  2. Oh my goodness, look how big her eyes are! That is hilarious! It's scary when they're TOO curious about fire, haha!


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