Thursday, September 1, 2011


I've got to share one of my new favorite things. . . Pinterest!
I've been signed up for awhile, but finally figured out how to use it within the last two weeks. It's super easy, fun, and maybe just a small bit addicting. ;)

It's such a great way to save and share images that inspire you, recipes and crafts you want to make, places you want to visit, pretty much anything! You can create boards for all your stuff, and just pin anything you want to on there!

So I'm curious about how many of my readers are also obsessed with Pinterest, or use it at all! Come follow my boards and I'll follow yours too!

Here's a sampling of some inspiration from my boards. . .

{from Crave-Worthy Treats}

{from My Dream Wardrobe}

{from Travel Dream Board}

{oh, I love the travel dream board! I could pin stuff onto there all day!}

{from Favorite Places I've Been}

{from I'm Dreaming of a New House}

{from Makin' Me Happy!}

{from Photo Inspiration}

{from Crave-Worthy Food}

{from My Little Girls Must Have...}

{from Fun Food for Kids}

{from Halloween Ideas}

{from Christmas Ideas}

{from Crafty Inspiration}

And there's SO much more! You'll be able to click on the links for all those things from Pinterest too, and not just see the images. Let me know if you're on Pinterest too so I can follow you! And come follow me! :)


  1. I have been so busy with our family and life, Blogging has been left by the wayside... I miss my friends. You have another adorable baby girl!
    Your photos you posted are beautiful! Pinterest looks fun and like an interesting concept...once I relearn all I used to know about blogging I will have to try it.:) Your family is truly a gorgeous blessing! ~♥

  2. It seriously is an addicting website! My first reaction was "lame" but I reeeeeeeeally love it! You always post fun stuff!

  3. I have heard so much about this site, but haven't checked it out yet! I just requested to join!

  4. oh you have found some fun things! I am so coming to follow your boards!
    I'm a pinterest lover too :)

  5. thanks for telling us about it! and you have a lovely family!

  6. I absolutely am ADDICTED to pinterest (and etsy...). My husband laughs and gets slightly nervous when he sees my pins but I LOVE that I can "pin" something and visually see what it is. Umm, those cute bears? I MUST do! Adorable! Thanks for telling us all about it!

    amandakscott at gmail dot com


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